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October 2017

Minutes from the October 26, 2017 ESP Meeting

Epsilon Sigma Phi Upsilon Chapter

October 26, 2017, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Holiday Inn, Fargo
(Approved at the Fall 2018 meeting of the membership)
Call to Order – Brad Brummond, President, Upsilon Chapter of ESP
Introduction and recognition of guests
Secretary’s report – Andrew Thostenson presented the minutes from the 2016 meeting. Motion to approve without modification was moved, seconded, and approved without dissent.  
Treasurer’s report -- Andrew Thostenson presented the financial report for 2017. They were reviewed and found in order by Brad Cogdill. Motion to approve without modification, seconded, and approved without dissent.

  • Audit – Charlie Stoltenow was tasked with reviewing the books at the 2016 meeting. A family emergency necessitated Brad Cogdill step in for 2017.  Brad reviewed the books and found them in good order. Charlie Stoltenow will work with Andrew to audit the financials in 2018.

  • Membership and Recruitment – Vanessa Hoines, Chair
    • Vanessa explained the new on-line membership option available for renewing in 2018.
    • New members: Jim Gray, Molly Soeby, Anitha Chirumamilla, Kari Knutson, Greg Endres.
    • New members enrolled by Jodi Bruns,Annalist
    • New Life Members –  Willie Huot

Extension Director’s Report – Chris Boerboom discussed the SBARE Review, naming title changes for agents, and County Base support policy proposals.  

Professional Development and Recognition Committee – Lynette Flage, Chair

  • County and State Meritorious Support Service – Dawn Alderin, Administrative Assistant, Oliver County AND Vicki Miller, Administrative Office Manager, Center for Community Vitality
  • Early-Career Service - Esther McGinnis, Assistant Professor and Horticulturist o Mid-Career Service – Marie Hvidsten, Rural Leadership Specialist
  • Administrative Leadership – Charlie Stoltenow, Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Leader
  • Distinguished Service – Andrew Thostenson, Pesticide Specialist
  • Visionary Leadership  – Greg Endres, Area Cropping Systems Specialist
  • Friends of Extension -
    • Bill Davis, Acting State Director for USDA Rural Development
    • Dale Ihry, Executive Director, North Dakota Corn Utilization Council and North Dakota Corn Growers Association
    • Renae Korslien, General Manager, North Dakota State Fair

  • History and Retirees – Duane Hauck, Chair, reported that retires were working to identify people to update NDSU Extension History from 2003. Duane also invited retires to a monthly breakfast in Fargo. (Third Thursday, 9:00 a.m. Holiday Inn.) He encouraged retirees and soon to be retires to make sure they are put on the e-mail list to keep up on extension news:
  • UpdateNational ESP, JCEP—Kathy Tweeten’s Reported on National Activities and thanked the membership for supporting a Key for Her Presidency.
  • Global Relations Committee – Kathy Tweeten reported that the National had $2,500 Fellowship for those interested in working in International Studies. 
  • Nominating Committee – Bradley Cogdill, Chair, Slate for 2018
    • Ken Hellevang, President, for a two year term. (See by-law proposal below)
    • Greg Endres- President Elect, for a two year term.  (See by-law proposal below)
    • Andrew Thostenson, Secretary/Treasurer
    • Jodie Bruns, Annalist

New Business: • Brad Cogdill introduced a change to the By-laws making the President and President Elect Positions two year terms. Motion was made by Mohamed Khan and Seconded by Vanessa Hoines. Motion carried without descent. 

“The officers of this organization shall consist of a President, President-elect, SecretaryTreasurer and Annalist.  The President-elect shall be elected annually biennially for a two one-year term and move to the position of President for an additional two one-year term.  The Secretary-Treasurer and Annalist shall be elected biennially and shall serve until their successors are elected and qualified.  The Secretary-Treasurer and Annalist shall serve until they refuse to accept being re-elected. Secretary-Treasurer and Annalist elections shall be held on even number years.
Election — Brad Cogdill moved to accept the slate prepared by the Nominating Committee. Chris Boerboom Seconded. The slate was approved unanimously.  
Draft Minutes submitted by Andrew Thostenson, Secretary/Treasurer

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