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October 1995

Minutes of the October 11, 1995 Meeting

October 11, 1995, Doublewood Inn, Fargo

The annual meeting of Upsilon Chapter, ESP, was held during the statewide In-Service Training held October 9-12, 1995.
About 70 active and 7 Life members were present for the luncheon meeting. Also present were Judith S. Carlson,
Secretary-Treasurer of national ESP and her husband Carl. They reside at Battle Lake, Minnesota.

Gary Moran, president, called the meeting to order and welcomed all active and Life members. Life members introduced themselves.

A moment of silence was held in recognition of Mel Kirkeide longtime Animal Science Specialist and a Life member, who died.

After the luncheon was served, the minutes of the October 25, 1994, meeting were presented and approved. Copies had been distributed
at the tables. Brief minutes of the informal meeting held at the Spring Conference on March 22, 1995 were also read.

The treasurer's report was presented by the Secretary-Treasurer. Copies had been distributed at the tables. The report indicated
expenses over income of $146.23. End of the year balance was $640.27 in the bank and $7,098.39 in the 4-H Foundation account.
It was moved,seconded and carried to approve the report.

John Kringler, chair of the Auditing committee, reported that the accounts were in good order.

New members were initiated following the ceremony in the ESP Handbook.
It was conducted by Gary Moran, President; Brad Cogdill, Vicepresident and Linda Narum, Annalist.
The initiates were:
Janelle Beyer, Extension Agent, Traill County
Richard Zollinger, Extension Weed Science Specialist
Debra Gebeke, Extension Family Life Specialist
Martin Draper, Plant Pest Diagnostician
Karl Hoppe,Area Livestock Specialist, Carrington Research/Ext Center
George Maher, Extension Agricultural Safety Specialist
Stanley Ernst, Director of Extension Communication
Annette Steffan, Extension Agent, Slope County
Each initiate received a framed membership certificate, a framed ESP Creed, a membership card, an a folder including ESP information,
copy of Upsilon Constitution, copy of the 1995 Upsilon Newsletter and national ESP brochures.

Committee Reports
Recognition Committee: Geri Bosch commended members for their nomination of their peers for recognition. She will send information
regarding 1996 recognition soon after January 1, 1996.
Membership Committee: Maxine Frank reported for Connie Weed, Chair, 70 active members and eight new members initiated.
History and Retirees Committee: Jim Kenward reported that the committee recommends that: several items of historical value will
be placed in the Department of Regional Studies at the NDSU Library. Several Life members have volunteered to assist others with retirement
plans. They are: Adolf Gross, Elmer Vangsness, Hugh McDonald, Ron Anderson, Norb Dorow and Jim Kenward. Several items are being
placed in the NDSU Resource Library related to retirement planning. He asked for up to $30 for postage, etc. to prepare and send a list
of Life Members with addresses and phone numbers if possible and send to all Life Members
Scholarship Committee: Merry Green reported several thank you letters from recipients of scholarships and grants.
Recipients this year were:
Grants: Debra Gebeke - $400
Julie Hassebroek - $100
Upsilon Chapter Scholarships: Marilyn Lesmeister - $450
Becky Koch - $330
Bearfield/Bale Scholarship - DeAnn Johnson - $800

Nominating Committee: Linda Narum, Chair, reported the slate of nominations for offices as follows:
President, Brad Cogdill
Vice-President, Geri Bosch
Secretary-Treasurer, Vernon Hoffman
Annalist, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig

Election of Officers: For each office, President Moran asked for additional nominations. There were none. For each office it was
moved, seconded and carried to cast a unanimous ballot for the nominee.

In response to the request from the History and Retirees Committee, it was moved, seconded and carried to approve up to $30 for preparing
and mailing the list of Life Members.

Judith Carlson, Secretary-Treasurer of National ESP brought greetings from the national office.· She referred to plans being developed
by the National Board to strengthen the ESP by providing more services to State Chapters and members.

President Gary Moran turned the gavel over to the new president, Brad Cogdill.

It was moved, seconded and carried to express appreciation to Gary Moran, outgoing President.

Meeting adjourned by President Cogdill.

Submitted by:
Norbert Dorow, Secretary-Treasurer

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