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March 2010

Minutes of the March 30, 2010 ESP Meeting

Epsilon Sigma Phi Upsilon Chapter

March 30, 2010

Radisson Hotel, Bismarck, ND

The meeting was called to order by President Debb Pankow.

Guests: Jack Stewart, Tony Carol, Jerry Larson, Shirley Larson, June Kraft, Don Peterson, Deanna Peterson

Secretary’s Report: J.W. Schroder made a motion to approve minutes of the October 14, 2009 meeting as printed. Jay Fisher seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Marie shared the following amounts:

Checking Account balance as of March 24, 2010 - $11,505.91

Savings Account balance as of March 24, 2010 -  $37.20

4-H Managed Funds balance as of March 24, 2010 - $9,419.00


Kathy Tweeten shared information about the profit, $7,590.59, which was made from the ESP National Conference. Kathy Tweeten made a motion to give half of the money the associations gave ESP for the national conference back to them including NDAEA ($1,000), NDAE4-H ($1,000), and NDEAFCS ($350). Marcia McMullen seconded. Motion carried. Kathy Tweeten made motion the remaining profit, $5,240.59, be put into the regular operating account for ESP. Jackie Buckley seconded. Motion carried.

Committee Reports:

Deb Pankow reported on handout created by Peggy Anderson regarding the Professional Development Committee information.

No audit report from John Kringler.

Rick Schmidt reported on membership. We have 47 current members. Rick Schmidt made a motion to give each retiree $50 toward their lifetime membership to ESP. Kathy Tweeten seconded. Motion carried.

Jackie Buckley shared information on Member Services/Scholarship committee. An email came out regarding the Bearfield scholarship. There is a 4-H Foundation scholarship for Extension employees who have been here two years.

No global relations report from Marcia Hellendsaas.

No nominating committee report from Roger Ashley.

Debb thanked Kathy Tweeten for the terrific job she did Chairing the ESP National Conference Committee.

Kathy Tweeten reported on the JCEP meeting she attended as the NC Region VP for ESP. Kathy shared information about upcoming events including: 2010 National ESP Conference October 12-15th in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. JCEP meeting once a year. Active membership in ESP is declining. Lifetime membership is increasing. Updating 5 year strategic plan. Looking for people for all committees at National ESP. How do we help new employees feel welcomed. Work-life balance. Flexibility. Leadership and recruiting.

Dinner break.

Debb shared names of colleagues and friends who had passed away: Art Lamey, Robert Woods, Harriet Toman. Jerry Larson spoke about how special it is to be invited to attend ESP meetings. He encouraged us to get the word out about ESP members passing away.

Old Business

Debb asked retirees to share their thoughts. Those in attendance shared what they were doing.

New Business – none


·         PILD Conference in DC

·         ESP National Conference October 2010 in Jackson Hole

·         ESP National Conference 2011 in Nevada

·         ESP National Conference 2012 in Mobile, AL

·         Galaxy Conference 2013 in Pittsburg, PA


J.W. Schroder made a motion to adjourn. John Kringler seconded. Motion carried.




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