Upsilon Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi


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Constitution and By-Laws

Constitution and By-Laws

Upsilon Chapter of the Epsilon Sigma Phi

National Extension Fraternity

Amended March 29, 2007
Updated January 2013

Article I. Name:

The name of this organization shall be the Upsilon Chapter Epsilon Sigma Phi, National Extension Fraternity.

Article II.Purpose:

The purpose of this fraternity shall be to maintain the standards and ideals, uphold morale, prestige and respect of the NDSU Extension Service; to develop a working relationship and spirit of fraternal fellowship among the present and former employees of the NDSU Extension Service and promote professionalism within Extension.

Article III. Membership:

Section I. A person who has performed satisfactory service as a professional Extension educator, full or part time, for a period of two years or more shall be eligible to membership in the state chapter.  Membership shall be divided into three classes: (1) active, (2) associate, (3) Life.

Section II. Active members are those who are now actively employed in the NDSU Extension Service of two or more years.

Section III. Associate members are those who have two or more years of service and are now in active retirement status.

Section IV. Life members are those who have two or more years of service and are now in active retirement status.

Section V. Prospective candidates who have successfully completed the tenure requirement shall be notified in writing by the Secretary at least thirty (30) days prior to the initiation date of their eligibility for membership in the state chapter.

Each prospective candidate who shall indicate a desire to become a member of the fraternity shall furnish prior to the date of initiation ceremonies an autobiography which shall be read by the Annalist at the initiation ceremony.  The autobiography shall contain:

(1)   Name in full (2) name of husband or wife (optional) (3) Names of children (optional) (4) Education, (a) schools, colleges or universities attended. Degrees received, honorary degrees, (5) Occupation or business engaged in other than Extension work, (6) Authorship, Titles of books, bulletins, circulars, magazine articles or important public addresses with dates of issue. (optional) (7) Extension career: State in chronological order all positions held; title, place, date and beginning and end of service. Brief statement of personal and professional goals.

Article IV. House of Pioneers:

The House of Pioneers consisted of those members active, associate and Life whose period of service antedates the passage of the Smith-Lever Act, May 8, 1914, and who had an aggregated period of service of ten or more years.

*Amendments had previously been made on March 22, 1994.

Article V. Officers:

Section I: The officers of this organization shall consist of a President, President-elect, Secretary-Treasurer and Annalist.  The President-elect shall be elected annually for a one-year term and move to the position of President for an additional one-year term.  The Secretary-Treasurer and Annalist shall be elected biennially and shall serve until their successors are elected and qualified.  The Secretary-Treasurer and Annalist shall serve until they refuse to accept being re-elected. Secretary-Treasurer and Annalist elections shall be held on even number years.

Section II: The President shall preside at all meetings of the fraternity and shall perform the duties usually incumbent upon an executive officer.  In absence of the President, the President-elect shall act as chairperson.

Section III. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep the minutes and records of official business of the fraternity.  He/she shall have charge of membership roll call, all initiation fees, dues and assessments, pay all bills, keep an accurate account of all receipts and expenditures with supplementary vouches, and make an annual report to the fraternity of the same. The book shall be subject to annual audit by a committee of three members appointed by the President before the annual meeting and such committee shall render a report at the annual meeting.

Section IV: The Annalist shall have charge of the autobiography of the members and shall be responsible for the initiation of new members.

Section V: Executive Committee. In the interim between the meetings of the fraternity and executive committee consisting of the President, President-elect, Secretary-Treasurer and Annalist shall constitute a governing body to act on emergency matters not inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws and subject to the approval of the fraternity at its next meeting.

Article VI. Meetings:

The annual meeting shall be at the time of the annual Extension Conference.  Special meetings may be held upon the call of the President or upon written request of twenty percent of its members.

Article VII. Initiation Fee and Dues:

The initiation fee and annual dues for this fraternity shall be set by the state chapter in conformity with requirements of the national chapter and needs of the state chapter.  The fees and dues may be changed by a majority vote of the members present at the annual meeting of the chapter.

Article VIII. Quorum:

A majority of the active and associate members of the organization present at the annual meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Article IX. Badge:

The official badge shall be that adopted by the national convention of the Epsilon Sigma Phi.  Each member will be provided with a membership card upon a form approved by the national convention.

Article X. Amendments:

Amendments to this Constitution and By-Laws may be made at any regular meeting of the fraternity by a two-thirds majority of the active, life and associate members present.


Auditing, Budget and Fund Raising Committee

Shall audit the books just before the Annual Conference and confer with the Treasurer if necessary.

History and Retirees Committee

Shall work on updating the current history.  Shall explore viable alternatives for a continuing history of Epsilon Sigma Phi and the NDSU Extension Service.  Old memorabilia shall be gathered and suitable long-term storage space is found and used.  A report shall be prepared, presented at the annual meeting and filed.

Membership, Recruitment and Retention Committee

Shall identify and solicit eligible new members, plan the invitational process and orientation meeting, select a sponsor for each new member (including hosting an initiation banquet or luncheon) identify members not attending meetings and that are in arrears in dues to encourage active participation and dues payment, encourage retirees to become paid-up lifetime members and assume other responsibilities a may be identified.

Nominating By-Laws Committee

Shall draw up slate of candidates, contact then, acquaint them with the duties of their respective office, determine their willingness to serve, and receive their acceptance to be a candidate. The slate shall be presented by the chairman at the annual conference.

Professional Development and Recognition Committee

Shall publicize opportunities, then solicit recommendations from the membership and others as various recognitions become available as detailed in the National Epsilon Sigma Phi by-laws. Selections and recommendations shall be forwarded as instructed. Honorees will be contacted and invited to function where honor is bestowed.  Committee chairman may present awards and recognition. Upgrade and maintain quality of items in professional development recognition through budget or donor sponsorship.

Member Services/Scholarship/Newsletter Committee

Shall review scholarships available, publicize scholarships and encourage use, evaluate use, evaluate applications and make recommendations for awarding scholarships.  Search for additional monies to provide scholarships.  Publicize available member’s benefits annually by providing a list of current scholarships or updates at the annual meeting.

Global Relations Committee

Promote the Extension professional by: nominating individuals for the International Service State Award, promoting cultural awareness activities and training and communicating opportunities for the international service to members as provided by the national global relations committee.  Work with the national GR committee to include members in the International Database on the ESP website.


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