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What is FairEntry?

Counties across North Dakota have implemented a new exhibit registration system for the county fair entries. This new registration system is called “FairEntry” and is integrated with 4-H Online. 4-H members will now be able to pre-register their projects online. FairEntry includes the 4-H project areas for each Department-Class. 4-H members must be a member of the project area to be eligible to enter that Department-Class.

FairEntry is only used to register exhibits for Achievement Day and as of 2020 FairEntry 

Access to FairEntry will only be accessible when registration dates for county fair are open. Parents and leaders will be able to access FairEntry by going to the website http://eddycountyfair.fairentry.com.

Parents can look for the title Eddy County Achievement Days with the display picture located below or simply search for Eddy County on https://fairentry.com/.

Since FairEntry is integrated with 4-H Online, it will use the same username and password as parents use to login to 4-H Online.

Along with this FairEntry entry system, project cards will also change to include a barcode. Fair workers will now be able to scan projects in and scan ribbon placing. This makes for quick easy work and less human error.

Descriptions of entries will also be required in this new system. For example, if a member brings a photograph the description would be ‘photo of old barn with horses in the background at sunset.’ A description would not be just simply ‘photo’ because it will already be in the photography class. An accurate description will help us find projects in a certain class and ensure the 4-H member receive the correct ribbon and premium.

No panic necessary when seeing the word “invoice” or “payment.” There is no charge but these steps are required for submitting your “invoice.” Simply continue through the steps as normal.

There are help sheets available! 1) NDSU Step by step general instructions 2) County specific instructions

***Please note - Be sure to click the "Submit" button when you have completed your entries. Entries are not final until they have been submitted. You will not be able to access your account again until your previous entries are approved by the extension office.

FairEntry vs. 4-H Online

What's the difference?! 4-H Online is where families go to enroll in 4-H. Individuals enter in their contact information and pick which club(s) they would like to join. Members can then register for state 4-H events such as State Communication Arts, Shooting Sports Matches and Trainings, Extension Youth Conference, etc. FairEntry is where members enter specific details about exhibits coming to Achievement Day. 

The main objective of 4-H Online is to sign up for project areas for Achievement Day. Project areas are those such as Market Beef Animal, Cloverbud, Outdoor Skills: Fish II, Horticulture: Garden D, or Fiber Arts: How to Knit. Project areas are the general category of what an exhibit fits into. Some may notice there are different levels of the same category marked by either a roman numeral (I, II, III, IV) or letter (A, B, C, D). These indicate what level of difficulty/quality is expected of the individual.

For example, a member who has never taken a photography exhibit and wants to sign up for a photography project, regardless of age, would sign up for Photography: Photo I. This would be a beginners level and the judge will ask questions accordingly. As members move up in difficultly levels, judges will ask more complex questions and expect higher quality work.

FairEntry, as of right now, is only used to register exhibits going to county Achievement Day. Then, based on the list handed back in to the 4-H Office during Achievement Day, the office can promote exhibits to the Sate Fair. FairEntry is where members add details about their project such as a description of their static exhibit or a ear tag number of their livestock. With this program, members can see updated exhibit and premium results on their account.

For example, a member is bringing their yearling heifer to Achievement Day. They previously singed up for Beef Breeding on 4-H Online, this now integrates to FairEntry. They go to FairEntry and select the Beef Breeding division, then click spring yearling heifer, born March or April of previous year. Then they will be prompted to fill in information about the animal like tag number, animal name. birth date, breed, sex, and color. 

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