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Peanut Butter Black Bean Brownies

Peanut Butter Black Bean Brownies

This healthy recipe comes from NDSU Extension Service.

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Winter Squash!

Field to Fork Winter Squash! - FN1801

Squash has been used as a nutritious food for thousands of years in North America. You might find buttercup, butternut, acorn and/or spaghetti squash in your local grocery store. Botanists consider squash to be a fruit, but it is used as a vegetable on menus.

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Field to Fork Tomatoes! - FN1800

Botanically, a tomato is classified as a fruit because it has seeds and is derived from flower tissue. Nutritionists consider tomatoes to be “vegetables” on the menu. Tomatoes can be frozen, canned or dried, so we can enjoy them year-round.

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Sweet Corn!

Field to Fork Sweet Corn! - FN1799

Sweet corn on the cob (or off the cob) is a tasty addition to meals. Corn, also called “maize,” is sold by color, not variety (white, yellow or bicolor). Corn can be preserved in different ways to be enjoyed year-round.

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Snap Beans!

Field to Fork Snap Beans! - FN1798

Snap beans are delicious vegetables that are easy for people of all ages to grow. They are easy to preserve, so we can enjoy them year-round.

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Field to Fork Raspberries! - FN1797

Raspberries are part of the rose family, and numerous varieties are available. The low-calorie fruits add flavor, color and nutrition to your menu.

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Field to Fork Pumpkins! - FN1796

Pumpkins are one of the colorful symbols of autumn. Most people think of using them solely for the purpose of carving and displaying, but pumpkin can be used in many ways on your menu, including soups and desserts. Try roasting the seeds for a crunchy snack.

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