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Landscaping During Drought

These trees, shrubs and flowers can tolerate drought.

June 2017

, Horticulturist

The potential for drought should give North Dakota homeowners reason to stop and think about their present landscape and what the costs of maintaining that landscape are in terms of water requirements.

The selection of drought-tolerant plants will make a big difference. Recommended drought-tolerant trees include hackberry, elm, honeylocust, bur oak and Kentucky coffeetree.

Among shrubs, potentilla, bumald spirea, rugosa rose, ninebark and Meyer lilac will tolerate dry soils. Junipers are among the most drought-tolerant evergreens.

Perennial flowers will add color to the landscape. Drought-tolerant selections include sedum, salvia, liatris, Russian sage, agastache, catmint, yarrow and many ornamental grasses.

It is not necessary to wait until next spring to begin this renovation. Many nurseries carry containerized stock and offer bargain prices in summer and fall.

To keep landscaping from becoming a hodgepodge collection of plants, make a planting plan. Visit the local nurseries and see what is available and how it would be used in redeveloping the landscape.

Planting from mid-June until mid-to-late September will allow plants to become established and enhance the home setting the following year.


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