Forages and Grazing

Sunflower Silage May Be an Option for Drought-stressed Sunflower Crop
Silage may be an option for portions of this year's sunflower crop stressed by drought conditions in parts of North Dakota and surrounding states, according to Greg Lardy, North Dakota State University Extension Service beef cattle specialist.
Use Corn Stalks as Dairy Heifer Feed
Corn stover is comparable in energy content to average hay on a dry- matter basis and can be substituted in the absence of regular forage.
Drought-damaged Corn can be Used for Silage
Across North Dakota, many acres of corn have been severely stressed by lack of rain and excessive heat. Harvesting for silage rather than grain may be a better option for drought-stressed corn. However, many corn producers do not run cattle, so they must find a buyer for the standing corn. It is difficult to place a value on a crop, such as silage, that typically is not a cash commodity. Further complicating the pricing decision is that the buyer and seller may want to determine a value per acre prior to harvest when the yield is still in question.
Feeding Straw
Straw is a good alternative in rations for cows and sheep if properly supplemented with higher quality feedstuffs.
Forage Options: Warm-season Grasses
Use these warm summer grasses for emergency hay crops during drought.
Livestock Producers have Options for Dealing with Forage Shortage
How to cope with declining forage supplies.
Grazing and Feeding Restrictions
Consider past herbicide use when using small grain crops as an alternative source of feed.
Irrigated Sunflowers
Sound water management is essential to the success of sunflower crops.
Alternative Crops During a Drought
Meeting Forage and Grain Needs in an Emergency
Biologically Effective Grazing Management Reduces the Detrimental Effects from Drought Conditions
Implementation of biologically effective grazing management during non-drought growing seasons improves the health status of grassland ecosystems and increases the resistance to detrimental effects from drought conditions.
Restrictions on Grazing/Feeding/Haying of Crops Treated with Herbicides
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