Crop Production

Mercer County Drought 2017
Drought in Mercer County, 2017. Photo by NDSU
Weed Control Strategies with Dry Conditions
Dry conditions complicate weed control.
Drought -- When Weeds Can Become Friends
Weeds can be beneficial in the right place or situation.
Herbicide Applications with Hot Dry Conditions
Be cautious with herbicide application during hot, dry weather.
Grazing and Feeding Restrictions for Herbicides
Consider past herbicide use when using small grains as an alternative for feed.
Herbicide Concerns After a Drought
Growers need to be aware of herbicide residues and take steps to decrease risk of injury.
Small Grain Diseases: Management of Those More Common and Severe in Dry Years
Managing Wheat Streak Mosaic, Common Root Rot and Fusarium Crown Rot during drought.
Irrigated Sunflowers
Sound water management is essential to the success of sunflower crops.
Dry Seedbeds Require Special Tactics or Rain
Under dry seedbed conditions it is true that planting on schedule may result in uneven stands. However, this is preferable to planting too late.
Dry Spring Conditions: Considerations Before Deciding to Replant
The following guidelines should help you decide whether replanting will be more profitable than continuing to manage a crop with poor plant population (if that is the case).
Installing Irrigation During a Drought
Guidelines for Haying Drought Damaged Small Grains
Crop Production Report (USDA)
The Fertilizer Value of Wheat Straw
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