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Latest Update

Adnan Akyuz, Ph.D State Climatologist

October 22, 2020 PowerPoint

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    • In Summary:

      • Based on the DM map published this morning, 56% of the state is in at least Moderate Drought, a no-change than last week. 23% of the state is in Severe Drought, which is 2% greater than the area the D2 covered the previous week (Slide 12).
      • The estimated population in the drought area is 315,190, which is no change compared to last week.
      • The statewide drought conditions worsened by 2 DSCI points compared to the last week (Slide 15). Slide 15 also tells us that the current statewide drought is the worst drought since March 2018.
      • Slide 19 is the drought impact summary of the week from each of the six crop districts (where we received input). The information was gathered using weekly county extension service input.


      • Outlooks:
        • The week one (the period from October 16 through 23) indicates below-average rainfall in the northern parts of the state while near normal elsewhere (Slide 21). Much-cooler-than-average conditions will settle during this period. One should note the greater than 20 degrees temperature anomalies next week.
        • Week two (Slide 22) shows colder but near-normal precipitation into October 31.
        • Weeks three and four are pointing towards a warmer and drier-than-average Oct 31-through November 13 period (Slide 23).
        • Based on the CPC’s Monthly Outlook published on October 15, ND has an equal chance of having above, below, or near-normal conditions in November (Slide 24)
        • CPC‘s seasonal forecasts give ND a better chance of having a wetter than average November-through-January period. (Slide 25).


An experimental grassland productivity forecast that shows you the percent change in grassland production for your area this summer compared to Its 38-yr Average.

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