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Erwinia amylovora

Authors:  Esther McGinnis and Kasia Kinzer


  • Young shoots wilt and droop, forming a distinctive “shepherd’s crook.” 
  • Leaves on infected shoots turn brown as if scorched by fire.
  • Fruit may turn dark and shriveled and persist on the branch.
  • Slightly sunken bark cankers may appear on branches and stems.

Fireblight 2

Figure 1. Distinctive “shepherd’s crook on apple (Penn State Department of Plant Pathology & Environmental Microbiology Archives, Penn State University, 

Fireblight 1

Figure 2. Fireblight symptom on fruit (Bruce Watt, University of Maine,

Management and other important facts

  • Plant less susceptible apple and crabapple cultivars.
  • Mark infected twigs with ribbon or paint during the growing season.
  • Prune all marked twigs and cankered branches in late winter at least 8-12 inches below the infection.
  • May also use “ugly stub” method of pruning.
  • Avoid excessive application of fertilizer that may promote overly lush growth.
  • If fireblight is a yearly problem on a high value apple tree, apply a copper spray just as the leaf buds are starting to swell in spring; do not apply after ½-inch of green, leafy tissue is visible because the copper spray may burn the leaf tissue

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