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Restoration of Degraded Rangeland Ecosystems - Grazing Handbook

Restoration of Degraded Rangeland Ecosystems


Effects from Long-Term Nongrazing After 75 Years. (Entire report 6.4MB)


Development of Study Areas

Rangeland Reference Areas

Long-Term Regional Weather

Procedures and Results

• Sandy Ecological Site
• Shallow Ecological Site
• Silty Ecological Site
• Overflow Ecological Site
• Mean of Four Ecological Sites


Literature Cited


Evaluation of Burning and Grazing as Restoration Treatments of Degraded Rangelands (Entire report 1.9MB)

Restoration of Degraded Prairie Ecosystem

Effects from Prescribed Burning Treatments

Grazing and Burning Effects on Mineral Nitrogen and Rhizosphere Volume

Initial Restoration Changes of Degraded Rangeland

Degradation and Biological Restoration of Rangeland


Evaluation of Processes that Inhibit Encroachment of Woody Species into Native Rangelands of the Northern Plains (Entire report 437KB)


Management of Western Snowberry aka Wolfberry and Buckbrush (Entire report 8.5MB)


Western snowberry biology

Biological management of western snowberry

Burning management of western snowberry

Mechanical management of western snowberry

Chemical management of western snowberry

Effective management of western snowberry


Chemical Management of Silver Sagebrush (Entire report 841KB)


Evaluation of Nitrogen Fertilization on Native Rangeland. 2nd Ed. (Entire report 2.5MB)


Circumstances that Impelled Fertilization Treatment Research on Native Rangeland

Evaluation of Nitrogen Fertilization Treatments on Native Rangeland

Nitrogen Fertilization on Native Rangeland with Ammonium Nitrate and Urea

Cost of Herbage Weight for Nitrogen Fertilization Treatments on Native Rangeland

Evaluation of Grazing Fertilized Native Rangeland Pastures

Fate of Applied Fertilizer Nitrogen on Native Rangeland

Evaluation of Plant Species Shift on Fertilized Native Rangeland

Influence of Soil Mineral Nitrogen on Native Rangeland Plant Water Use Efficiency and Herbage Production

Enhancement of the Nitrogen Cycle Improves Native Rangeland

Long-term Plant Species Shift Caused by Nitrogen Fertilization of Native Rangeland

Soil Mineral Nitrogen Increased Above the Threshold Quantity of 100 Pounds per Acre


Evaluation of Alfalfa Interseeding Techniques (Entire report 10.5MB)


Concept changes regarding the use of interseeding practices to correct problems in grassland ecosystems

Interseeding into native grassland with a two-row lister machine

Interseeding machine development by modification of no-till drill

Evaluation of alfalfa varieties solid seeded into cropland

Evaluation of alfalfa varieties broadcast sod-seeded into native rangeland

Summary of the development of the South Dakota State University pasture interseeding machine

Evaluation of alfalfa varieties interseeded into grassland

Evaluation of interseeding row-spacing techniques

Evaluation of interseeding seedbed preparation and sod control techniques

Evaluation of interseeding fertilization-rate techniques

Evaluation of interseeding seeding-rate, seeding-date, and rhizobium-inoculation techniques

Techniques and mechanical processes developed for interseeding alfalfa into grasslands

Evaluation of grazing alfalfa interseeded native grassland pastures


Evaluation of Biological Restoration Management of Degraded Native Mixed Grass Prairie (Entire report 6.1MB)

Includes the following:

Study Area
Long-Term Regional Weather
Growing Season Precipitation
Management Strategy
Livestock and Stocking Rates
Control Pasture NR 4
Grazed Pasture NR 3
Grazed Pasture NR 2
Grazed Pasture NR 1
Changes on the Ungrazed and Grazed Pastures
Literature Cited


Proactive Management of Pestiferous Rangeland Grasshopper Habitat of the Northern Plains (Entire report 3.8MB)



Grasshopper IPM Program: A Retrospective

Grasshopper Mortality: Pathogens, Parasites, and Predators

Grasshopper Life Cycle

Pestiferous Rangeland Grasshoppers

Grasshopper Habitat

Grasshopper Outbreaks

Grasshopper Forage Use

Native Vegetation of the Northern Plains

Ecosystem Mechanisms and Processes

Proactive Management of Crested Wheatgrass

Proactive Management of Native Rangeland

Compendium: Proactive Management of Grasshopper Habitat

Literature Cited


Evaluation of the Achilles’ Heel of Mixed Grass Prairie Ecosystems: the Availability of Mineral Nitrogen (Entire report 1.2MB)

Biogeochemical Processes of Nitrogen in Rangeland Soils

Importance of Mineral Nitrogen in Restoration of Degraded Ecosystems

Importance of Mineral Nitrogen in Maintaining Ecosystem Productivity

The Renewability of Grazingland Ecosystems


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