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Healthwise for Guys

Aimee Ellinger, 4-H Youth Development and FCW Agent

This one’s for the guys, the guys who spend most of their time working outside, the ones who Work hard to take care of others but sometimes they don’t always take care of themselves like they should. NDSU Extension has just released a program just for these men in mind. Health wise for Guys covers a wide range of Cancer topics, including colon, prostate and skin, is the program’s initial focus as the result of a grant from the North Dakota Department of Health’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Program. Beyond cancer the topics also range from prediabetes information, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and obesity prevention. Each topic covered by Health wise for guys includes Nutritional needs, fitness, and quick, healthful snacks and recipes, as well as many other quick helpful tips.  The development of this program is attributed to surveys of men 18-76 in areas they were most concerned about related to their health and suggestions on how to prevent and protect.

This winter may seem like there is no end in sight, but soon enough we will be trading in our winter coats for t-shirts and sunshine. We will also be increasing our risk of skin cancer with each minute outside soaking up those warm sunny days. One of the topics covered in health wise for guys is skin cancer. It’s important to remember that as we start spending more time outside that we need to be protecting ourselves. The recommended amount of sunscreen is 1 ounces every 2 hours you are outside. Make sure that you use SPF 30 or higher and that your sunscreen is not expired or more than 3 years old. In North Dakota, incident rate of skin cancer is higher than in the United States average, with North Dakota at 22.2 cases per 100,000 compared with the U.S. at 20.3 cases per 100,000 people. Now you might be thinking “what can I do to protect besides sunscreen?”.  When it comes to being outside, it’s a BYOS event (Bring your own shades)! Make sure to cover up, wear long sleeves if you can, protect yourself with wide brim hats and UVA protected sunglasses. Even on cloudy days UVA Men's HealthAND UVB rays can still cause damage to your skin. It’s also important to complete routine self-exams on your body, just follow your ABC’s, look for:

Asymmetry, Borders become irregular, Color changes, Diameter changes (is it bigger than an eraser tip) and Evolving moles

If you would like more information on Health wise for guys or sun safety material contact the Dickey County Extension office or check Out the NDSU Website. https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/healthwiseforguys

Remember to take initiative when it come to your health and stay healthy for those important people in your life! 


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