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8 Reasons to Celebrate Christmas on the Farm

Breana Kiser, Agriculture and Natural Resource Agent

Faith. Family. Friends. Fun. Food. There are a number of “f” words that explain what makes the holidays so extraordinary.There’s one more word we would add to this list-Farm. There’s just something splendid about spending Christmas on the farm.
If you aren’t excited for Christmas yet, here are some reasons that hopefully help!

12-20-18 Farm Christmas #1
1.    Farm animals make the cutest Santa.  Cow, horse, pig, it doesn’t matter. Throw a Santa hat on its head and you have transformed your farm animal into the cutest Santa Claus around.


12-20-18 Farm Christmas #2
2.    Festive Barns Trump Boring Houses. Oh, some put up strings of lights on their house which can look impressive. On the farm, barns are turned into spectacular nativity scenes or a larger landing pad for Santa.


12-20-18 Farm Christmas #3

3.    Extreme displays in the true farm spirit. Let’s be honest-Rudolph was getting a little unreliable. Farmers know that a John Deer tractor would be much more likely to get presents delivered on time.



12-20-18 Farm Christmas #44.    Tractor/Combine tree toppers. Angles and stars are so unoriginal. But a nothing is more original than a harvest them tree with a combine as the topper.

12-20-18 Farm Christmas #5

5.    Decked out equipment. We’re not sure who came up with the ideas, but all sure do admire it.


Awesome sledding hills. The poor town kids get stuck on the bunny hills. In the country, you get to turn the pastures with steep slopes into the ultimate sledding experience. Just watch out for those frozen turd! Let’s hope for some Christmas flurries to there can be a holiday sledding parties this year.

7.    Cute cowboy and cowgirls. Is there anything cuter than little cowboy and cowgirls playing with their new equipment or farm animals.

8.    Quality Family Time. Spending time with families is important for all. To all the hardworking families out there, Happy holidays from your local NDSU Extension Office.
12-20-18 Farm Christmas #6
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