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Dry Edible Bean


Extension Broadleaf Crops – Dry Beans Hans Kandel's webpage. Educational Content.

NDSU Statewide Variety Trials a centralized place for all NDSU trials

North Dakota Dry Bean Variety Trial Results for 2016 and Selection Guide A-654  2015 Guide  2014 Guide

Dry Bean Production Guide A-1133 (2013)

Stages of Development from Dry Bean Production Guide A-1133

Impact of Planting Dates on Dry Edible Bean A-1806 (2016)

2015 Dry Bean Grower Survey of Production, Pest Problems and Pesticide Use in MN and ND E-1802 2014 Survey  2013 Survey

Strip Till for Field Crop Production: Equipment, Production, Economics AE-1370 (2011)

Replanting or Late Planting Crops A-934 (2015)

Selecting a Sprinkler Irrigation System AE-91 (2015)



Fertilizing Pinto, Navy and Other Dry Edible Beans SF-720 (2013)

North Dakota Fertilizer Recommendation Tables and Equations SF-882 (2016)



2017 ND Weed Control Guide W-253

Air Temperature Inversions Causes, Characteristics and Potential Effects on Pesticide Spray Drift AE-1705 (2014)



NDSU Entomology- Dry Beans Janet Knodel's webpage. Educational content.

2017 Field Crop Insect Management Guide E-1143



2017 North Dakota Field Crop Fungicide Guide PP-622

Fungicide Efficacy Testing Results for Rust, Anthracnose, and Sclerotinia Fungicides from Carrington REC & Langdon REC

Dry Edible Bean Disease Diagnostic Series PP1820 (2016)


Crop Drying & Storage

NDSU Extension Ag & Biosystems Engineering - Grain Drying and Storage Ken Hellevang's webpage. Educational content and news releases.

Natural Air and Low Temperature Crop Drying EB-35 (2005)

Grain Drying AE-701 (2013)

Grain Moisture Content Effects & Management AE-905 (1995)

Crop Storage Management AE-791 (1996)

Grain Equilibrium Moisture Content Chart – Dry Bean


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