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AMS in Holding Tanks (06/23/16)

Question: A question about dry AMS. I have a large grower that is going back to dry AMS vs a commercial liquid product. Is there any problem if he pre-mixes his AMS in his holding tanks at the correct rates needed for the farm? There could be times when the 4000 gal tanks sit full for 5 days or more if a large rain event occurs, etc. All my other guys mix the dry as they spray by the tank load, but he needs to pre-mix it in his holding tanks if possible due to the size of his operation and to speed up the spraying process. He will be inducting the AMS thru a cone into the large holding tanks, so he should get a good mix.

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Cattail Control (06/23/16)

Question: We have cattails in some areas in fields that we have not been able to seed the last couple years. The area is dry this year. What can you use to get rid of them?

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Best Management Practices for Liberty Herbicide Application (06/16/16)

Liberty herbicide and LibertyLink® soybeans are effective tools to control annual weeds, especially herbicide tolerant weeds.

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Precipitation Means another Flush of Waterhemp (06/16/16)

Precipitation this week in the southern Red River Valley and west central Minnesota was/is very welcome.

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Crop Injury from Soil-Applied Herbicides (06/16/16)

I have observed more visual corn, soybean, and sugarbeet injury in my plots from soil-applied herbicides in 2016 than in previous years.

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White Cockle/Nightflowering Catchfly Control (06/16/16)

Question: I have a customer who has patches of white cockle in soybeans. Any suggestions? Will 40 fl oz. /A of Roundup get it? If I recall, Raptor has pretty good activity. What's your thoughts?

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Clethodim on Canola and Mustards (06/16/16)

Question: I have a question on the canola and mustard application stage recommendation on clethodim labels.

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Herbicides and Rates for Perennial Weed Control (06/16/16)

Question: Our weed board is going to try Panoramic at 4 fl oz/A + Tordon at 1 pt/A + MSO adjuvant at 1 gallon/100 gal of water. Weeds to be controlled are Canada thistle, leafy spurge and absinth wormwood. Do you feel that Overdrive should be added also or will this give good control?

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High Temperatures and Pesticide Applications (06/09/16)

Weather predictions for the next several days suggest excellent conditions for pesticide spraying. So make use of this opportunity!

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Chloroacetamide Family Herbicides (SOA15) Applied Postemergence for Waterhemp Control in Sugarbeet (06/09/16)

Outlook, S-metolachlor (Dual Magnum, Cinch, generics), and Warrant provide effective waterhemp control when applied early postemergence (lay-by) in sugarbeet.

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Horsetail (Equisetum) Control (06/09/16)

Two Questions on Horsetail are discussed.

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Post Grass Antagonism from Basagran (06/09/16)

Question: I have several dry pea fields that have weed skips. The main weeds are volunteer wheat and 2 to 4 leaf wild buckwheat.

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Olympus Preplant to Durum (06/09/16)

Page 102 (crop rotation section) of the 2016 ND Weed Control Guide shows the rotation for Olympus to Durum at 0 months. This interval is incorrect.

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Scout for Waterhemp in Sugarbeet (06/02/16)

Most areas in the sugarbeet growing region received precipitation last week.

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ND SLN Labels Renewed (06/02/16)

Dow petitioned the ND Department of Ag to renew two SLN labels for the product Sonalan 10G.

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Waterpod (06/02/16)

Each year it seems a different weed becomes the mystery weed to identify.

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Group 2 Herbicide Resistance – ND Update (06/02/16)

Another herbicide resistance issue was identified in 2015.

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Sprayer Cleanout – Avoiding Crop Injury due to Contamination (05/26/16)

Growers may use the same spray equipment to apply selective herbicides in multiple crops in the spring or summer. Crop injury due to contamination is a preventable problem if the appropriate precautions are used in advance to clean spray equipment. How does it happen?

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SU Canola (05/26/16)

Question: I have a few clients growing SU resistant canola. I have been told they need to use Draft herbicide. In the herbicide compendium in the weed guide it says it is composed of rimsulfuron and thifensulfuron. Is this correct? I was told it contained Harmony and Express?

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