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Glyphosate + 2,4-D Compatibility – Part 1 (6/29/17)

Question: What causes glyphosate + 2,4-D to ‘set-up’ in the sprayer and plug screens and nozzles? Is it just a freak thing that happensoccasionally? It happened two times this week. One of the guys is just dumping his right in the top of the tank. They are putting the glyphosate first then adding the 2,4-D separately, so they are not touching in the cone. The AMS was added last.

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Grazing Restriction for 2,4-D (6/29/17)

Question: I am wondering why there is a 30 day after application haying restriction for 2-4-D when there are no grazing restrictions. I have been getting calls asking about these haying restrictions.

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Why No AMS is Allowed with Dicamba in Dt Soybean (06/22/17)

Question: The chemical companies have told us that AMS is not allowed with dicamba on DT soybean. They say AMS will increase the volatility and may result in dicamba drift to susceptible plants and crops. They tell us what not to do but they don’t tell us why AMS increases volatility. What does AMS do?

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How Clethodim to Injure Corn? (06/22/17)

Question: A grower sprayed glyphosate plus clethodim (select) on his soybean to kill weeds and volunteer corn. The grower did not clean the tank after the last load and filled the next tank with just glyphosate to spray his RR corn. The results looked like the photo to the right. Can there be enough clethodim in the spray system from the previous load to cause this injury?

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Glufosinate Not Control Lambsqurters (06/22/17)

Question: I sprayed generic Liberty “Interline” at 1pm in the afternoon on a field of soybeans. It controlled all weeds except lambsquarters. There is no control of this weed and my neighbors also had no control. I used 32 fl oz/A of Interline, 20 GPA water, 3 lbs AMS/A, and droplet size at 286 microns. The conditions were perfect for good control last week. Why didn’t the generic Liberty kill the lambsquarters? I will need to respray all my fields again. How do we achieve control? Has anyone looked at different additives with Liberty?

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Revised Liberty Label (06/22/17)

The new Liberty label has been approved with revised application information.

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Hay CRP Sprayed With Milestone (06/22/17)

Question: I have a producer that wants to spray CRP with Milestone.

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Herbicide Activity from Soil and Post Herbicides (06/15/17)

Herbicide Activity from Soil and Post Herbicides

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Application of Pesticides During Periods of High Temperature and Low Humidity (06/08/17)

Application of Pesticides During Periods of High Temperature and Low Humidity

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Silver Sage Control (06/08/17)

Question: Has there been any recent studies on Silver Sage control?

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Waste Pesticide Collections Slated for July and August (06/08/17)

Farmers, ranchers, pesticide dealers and applicators, government agencies and homeowners with unusable pesticides can bring them to Project Safe Send. The collected pesticides are shipped out of state for incineration.

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Clarification of Adjuvant Use With Beyond in Wheat, Lentil, and Sunflower (06/08/17)

The following adjuvant clarifications were submitted by Dr. Brian Jenks, Weed Scientist at the North Central R&E Center in Minot and these recommendations supersede all adjuvant recommendations in the ND Weed Control Guide:

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Sprayer Calibration for Spot Spraying (06/08/17)

Question: I have been fighting a losing battle with leafy spurge for 49 years, starting with hiking up every drainage outlet with a backpack, using Tordon pellets, collecting hundreds of thousands of beetles, and grazing 1000 sheep several times a year, but the problem is worse than ever.

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Ammonium Thiosulfate (ATS) as an Ammonium Sulfate (AMS) Replacement (06/01/17)

Question: I received a call who was talking to a neighbor about an idea of substituting ammonium thiosulfate rather than using AMS with glyphosate. He normally uses 8.5 lbs. AMS per 100 gallons of water as a water conditioner. Presently he is considering inducting liquid AMS versus handling the dry product this year for their post work which is a fair amount of work currently with the dry bags.

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Flag your Herbicide Trait (06/01/17)

Hey Dad, why is there a bicycle flag in the corner of our soybean field?” “Jimmy, it’s so our ag-retailer can verify they are spraying the herbicide matching our soybean variety.”

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Adjuvant Properties from Humic Acid (06/01/17)

Question: Humic acid is getting some 'play' in the countryside. I understand it is sourced locally, derived from North Dakota Leonardite shale. We heard from farmers that humic acid has been suggested as a herbicide adjuvant to increase the activity of and to improve the rainfastness of translocated herbicides. I understand the trade is suggesting humic acid at 1 pint per to the spray solution. Sometimes it is recommended alone, other times it is recommended with non-ionic surfactant.

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Controlling Seedling Alfalfa in Sugarbeet (05/25/17)

Field Agronomists have observed a greater than normal occurrence of seedling alfalfa in row crop fields.

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Actively Managing Nurse Crops in Sugarbeets (05/25/17)

Sugarbeet growers routinely plant cereals as a companion crop to reduce sugarbeet injury from blowing soil and wind.

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Crop Stage For Clethodim (05/25/17)

Question: A question on the clethodim labels. The labels restrict application to “prior to bolting” for both canola and mustards. Is the clethodim actually causing some damage at this stage or does it have to do with the MSO oil? I get this question quite often, “Why can’t I spray clethodim after bolting. All it does is kill grass?”

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