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Palmer Amaranth - Update (07/09/15)

There was a concerted effort this past winter meeting season from NDSU Extension specialists and agents to bring the issue to growers of Palmer amaranth movement northward toward North Dakota.

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Water Conditioning through an Injection Sprayer (07/02/15)

Question: A grower has an injection sprayer and has treated the spray solution with a water conditioner. Since I am injecting glyphosate into the water stream and then is ejected out the nozzle a second later, is the water conditioner adjuvant actually doing anything?

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Equation Used to Calculate Rate of AMS (07/02/15)

Question: Several of my growers have been using the formula listed in section #11 on page 72 in the 2015 ND Weed Control Guide to assess their water quality and AMS requirements:

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One Persons Weed is another Person’s Ingredient for Salad (06/25/15)

I live in an area of south Fargo that is under residential development. There are very few homes in my part of town and plenty of weeds along recently constructed roads. I noticed a group of people harvesting lambsquarter leaves recently. I was surprised and went to the internet to investigate lambsquarters as a source of food for human consumption.

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wdsci.peters.2.herbicide carryover mn

Plant Sugarbeet into Fields with Known Herbicide History (06/25/15)

Last week I walked a sugarbeet field with nearly 100% stand loss on the low organic matter, eroded, higher elevation areas of the field.

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Barley Injury following Pursuit and Raptor (06/25/15)

Question: In this area of the state soil pH is 5.4-6.0 and organic matter is 3.2-3.5%. Some growers are planting barley on sunflower stalks treated the prior year with Beyond herbicide at 4 fl oz/A.

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wdsci.zollinger.1.oil adjv rates chart

Use of HSMOC Adjuvants with Herbicides (06/25/15)

I have been getting many questions about the use HSMOC adjuvants. These questions show the confusion about use and function of this adjuvant type.

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wdsci.peters.1.redroot pigweed near foxhome mn

Waterhemp has Emerged in Row-Crop Fields (06/18/15)

Part of the weeds management strategy is properly identifying weeds in the field. Pigweed identification is especially difficult in the early seedling stages since many species look the same. A ‘pigweed identification guide’ developed at Kansas State University is available.

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Curtail M Rates in Flax (06/18/15)

Question: I am having difficulty reconciling the flax use rate for Curtail M listed in the ND weed guide at 1.33 to 1.75 pt/A to the rate of 0.85 pt/A listed in the Flax section of the federal Curtail M label. Can you tell me what I am missing?

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Soybean Yield Loss from Leaf Burn (06/18/15)

Question: Do you have any information on soybean response to Flexstar applied postemergence? I have many growers questioning what, if any yield loss occurs when spraying this herbicide.

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Noxious and Invasive Weed Guides Available (06/18/15)

Two NDSU publications are available. “A Guide to North Dakota Noxious and Troublesome Weeds”, W-1691 has been reprinted, and “Identification and Control of Invasive and Troublesome Weeds in North Dakota”, W-1411 has been revised and reprinted.

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Pasture Grass Injury from Herbicides (06/18/15)

The following is information provided by Dr. Rod Lym, NDSU Weed Scientist.

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Valor use in Dry Beans (06/04/15)

Question: I heard yesterday Valor does not have a dry bean label for ND anymore but OK in MN though. What am I missing here Rich?

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Contact Injury on Wheat (06/04/15)

Question: Does this look like a contact herbicide on wheat leaves? There is damage on one side of field and less as you go farther out into field. The injury is greatest along the whole field edge. The adjacent field is soybeans and I think it was sprayed prior to beans emerging. So maybe a burn down product was used, do you know what may have been used as a contact burn down product?

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Weed Control in Dry Beans (05/21/15)

The following is a question from a consultant in NE. The answer can apply to dry bean growers in ND.

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Conversion of Dry to Wet Metribuzin (05/21/15)

Question: I was wondering if you could help me clarify some questions that we have been getting from crop consultants and retailers lately. There is a trend of growers wanting to use liquid metribuzin instead of dry formulations due to ease of handling and sprayer cleanout issues. I have seen a lot of confusion in the field about what the conversion of dry formulations to the liquid equivalent is.

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Control of Cover Crops (05/21/15)

Question: I am wondering if you have done any work on residual control of turnips and radish planted as a cover crop. We had several areas planted last fall and with the dry weather they did not germinate. I am wondering what by best option for residual control in soybeans will be. I am thinking Authority Assist.

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