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Effect of MSO and AMS on Group 14 Herbicides (05/26/16)

Glyphosate-resistant kochia has been identified in several locations across North Dakota. This raises the question as to how emerged kochia will be controlled without glyphosate.

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Waterhemp has Emerged in the Southern Red River Valley (05/19/16)

I received two images yesterday, one from near Sabin, MN and a second near Walcott, ND, confirming waterhemp has emerged in eastern North Dakota and Minnesota.

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How Long Soil-Applied Herbicides can Lay on the Surface before Precipitation? (05/19/16)

Two questions are on farmers minds. First, how long will soil-applied herbicides ‘last’ on the soil surface if it doesn’t rain and second, should a farmer consider using a rotary hoe or drag harrow to incorporate herbicides?

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Minimum Time Between Herbicide Application and Tillage (05/19/16)

Question: I am aware that the time interval between when glyphosate is applied until the ground is tilled is (ideally) 5 days.

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Weed ID (05/19/16)

Question: It doesn’t seem to be dandelion or thistle. We are seeing more of this year, especially in the sand and clay soils. This plant would make a great cover crop plant if we can kill it. Holds the soil and has a 3 foot tap root! What is it?

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Downy Brome Control (05/19/16)

Question: Does Rimfire Max mixed with Express work better on downy brome than when using Rimfire Max alone?

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Correct Acuron Rotation Restrictions (05/19/16)

Rotation restriction to dry beans after Acuron is 18 months not 10 months as indicated in the ND Weed Control Guide.

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Correct Perfectmatch Rotation Restrictions (05/19/16)

Please note the following corrections for PerfectMatch in Table Y15, Crop Rotation Restrictions for North Dakota, Page 102 of the NDSU Weed Control Guide:

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Weed Control Guide Updates (05/12/16)

We have received many inquiries about a change in the 2016 ND Weed Control Guide on page 6 showing a 0 day plant back restriction to wheat following a 2,4-D application.

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How do you know what the Wind Speed is? (05/12/16)

The speed of the wind is that moment in time when YOU measure it with a reasonably accurate anemometer and record it. Further, that speed is only relevant for the location and that moment in time where YOU measure it.

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Scouting and Weed Identification are the Foundation of the Weeds Management Strategy (05/12/16)

Weed identification was an important topic of emphasis during the winter meeting season.

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Glyphosate in Mixes with other Postemergence Herbicides (05/12/16)

Glyphosate is a systemic herbicide that performs best when applied in larger spray droplets and at lower water volumes (5-10 gallon per acre) during the heat and humidity of the day to increase herbicide absorption into the plant.

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A Weeds Management Strategy may or may not Include Soil-Applied Herbicides (05/05/16)

A survey of weed control and production practices in sugarbeet has been compiled annually since 1968.

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Warrant Ultra in Soybean (05/05/16)

You may have read about Warrant Ultra, a premix of encapsulated acetochlor and fomesafen (you may know of it as Reflex).

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Review Your Weeds Management Strategy Before and at Harvest (08/27/15)

Wheat has been harvested and sugarbeet farmers are participating in the preharvest campaign. And corn and soybean harvest will be right around the corner.

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Waterhemp Identified Along the Red River, East of Grafton, ND (08/13/15)

It just keeps moving north! I walked along the Red River and a field adjacent to the Red River near state road 17, east of Grafton, ND and positively identified waterhemp last week.

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Waterhemp Increasing in North Dakota (08/13/15)

Even though much attention has been given to early detection of Palmer amaranth we should not forget about the ‘lesser evil’ – waterhemp.

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Foxtail Barley Control (08/13/15)

At this time of the year foxtail barley is in full view along roads, in ditches and on field perimeters.

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Controlling Weeds in Fields Following Small Grains Harvest (08/06/15)

My travels took me to the southern end of the Red River Valley on Tuesday, May 4. I was impressed with the great number of combines in fields harvesting wheat and barley.

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Growth Regulator Herbicide Symptoms on Soybean (08/06/15)

Samples have come in showing classic growth regulator (GR) symptoms on soybean.

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