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Silver Sage Control (06/08/17)

Question: Has there been any recent studies on Silver Sage control?

Silver Sage Control

Question: Has there been any recent studies on Silver Sage control? It is as difficult to control as Leafy Spurge. I have been trying to create some new meadows the past 5 years, starting with a brush cutter - which resulted in vigorous re-sprouting. I have had random results in the past, spraying larger plants, small plants. I had good results with metsulfuron and 2,4-D ester on larger plants, but too expensive. Triclopyr (Garlon/Vastlan) alone allowed almost 100% re-sprouting. Last year, I tried cutting mid-size plants and applying a mix of tebuthurion (Spike WP), triclopyr, and imazapyr (Arsenal) with a pricy surfactant designed for brush - and achieved at around 50% kill, but too much dead ground and quite a bit of re-sprouting even inside bare patches. Extremely time consuming for spot treatment as well. The re-sprouting has a chlorotic light-green color, so perhaps the tebuthurion will continue to help. It has been very helpful with our big sage issues, and I had read that it can help with Silver Sage at higher rates. Thanks again for any advice.

Answer: For silver sage control, in this case the least expensive is still the best, 2,4-D at 2 lb/A (2 qts of a 4 lb gallon) or according to the cheat sheet (listed above), 1.28 fl oz/gal of water in a hand sprayer. The important point here is you must do this in early spring as the new growth starts but before it hardens off, otherwise the results are poor. I would do it this week if possible.

Rod Lym

NDSU Weed Science

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