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South-Central/Southeast ND (08/27/20)

Information from the South Central/Southeast region of North Dakota.

The region’s rainfall from May 1 to August 24 ranges from 4.7 inches (Robinson) to 15.2 inches (Oakes), with the Carrington Research Extension Center (CREC) receiving 8.2 inches (source: NDAWN). During August 1-24, rainfall ranges from 0.4 inch (Courtenay) to 3.6 inches (Tappen), with the CREC receiving 0.8 inch.

Corn growth stages range from milk to dent (R3-5) and soybean range from seed development to initial maturity (R5-7). Timely planted dry bean varieties are nearing or are at physiological maturity (R8-9 stages). Most sunflower fields have dried ray flowers (R6 stage) up to the back of heads yellowing (R7-8 stages).

The CREC’s 2020 dryland spring wheat variety trial data are available at the website. The 2020 trial contained 56 named varieties averaging 42.3 bu/acre with 17.4% protein. Nine of the 29 varieties tested in the CREC dryland trial during the past three years with yield averaging greater than 55 bu/acre (range of 56.2-60.3 bu/acre): CP3530, Faller, Lang-MN, LCS Trigger, ND Frohberg, Prosper, Shelley, SY Valda and TCG-Spitfire.

Remember to be surveying fields and field edges for Palmer amaranth (and waterhemp) as canopies open with plant maturity in small grain, soybean, dry bean and other short-statured crops.

Prerecorded videos for the CREC’s virtual row crop tour are targeted to be available August 27 and can be found at Topics and NDSU speakers for the program are:

* Incorporating cover crops into corn - Mike Ostlie, CREC research agronomist

* Impact of nitrogen fertilizer rates on corn and dollar return in low and high yield environments - Jasper Teboh, CREC soil scientist

* Dry bean breeding program and variety review - Juan Osorno, dry bean breeder

* Black, navy and pinto bean plant populations and row spacings – Greg Endres

* Pollinator potential impact on dry bean - Savannah Adams, graduate student

* Optimizing fungicide spray droplet size for improved management of white mold in dry bean - Michael Wunsch, CREC plant pathologist

* SCN considerations for dry bean and soybean - Sam Markell, Extension plant pathologist

* Considerations for soybean variety selection - Hans Kandel, Extension agronomist

* Prospects for managing Sclerotinia head rot in sunflower - Wunsch

* Susceptibility of sunflower to Sclerotinia head rot relative to growth stage - Wunsch


Greg Endres

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center

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