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Effectiveness of Using Low Rates of Plant Nutrients (09/24/20)

A very revised edition of ‘Effectiveness of Using Low Rates of Plant Nutrients’ is now available

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Soil Considerations for 2021 (09/24/20)

Prevent plant acres to 2021 crop. Sampling before soybean. Gypsum for amending soil pH and an amendment for reducing soil salt.

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Fall Fertilizer (08/27/20)

With the memory of no fall fertilizer in 2019 and the logistical and practical problem of applying all fertilizers to spring crops in a short period of time in 2019 and 2020, even with a large acreage of what would become 2020 Prevent Plant, fall fertilizer is on many growers’ and fertilizer providers’ minds.

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Sampling Behind the Combine (08/06/20)

Harvest has begun for small grains and other early season crops in some parts of North Dakota and this will continue for the next month. I strongly recommend soil sampling as soon as these crops are harvested for a couple reasons:

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Another Planning Strategy for 2021 Soybean IDC Management (07/30/20)

As presented in last week’s NDSU Crop & Pest Report, a companion crop of oat, barley helps reduce IDC severity in soybean when seeded about the same time.

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Late Season IDC in Soybean (07/23/20)

The ‘normal’ time during the soybean growing season for the appearance of iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) is from 1st to 3rd trifoliate.

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Producer’s Options for Prevent Plant Acres (07/09/20)

Due to the ongoing saturated soil conditions, there will be considerable number of acres, which will be prevented planting in 2020.

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Increasing Protein in Spring Wheat (07/02/20)

There are a few areas in the state that have received ample rainfall to support an excellent spring wheat crop,

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Plant Analysis (07/02/20)

Plant analysis can be a useful tool to determine in-season deficiencies of nutrients.

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Topdress and Side-Dress N Timing (06/25/20)

The stage of wheat and other small grains in North Dakota presently ranges from 4 leaf in later planted grain to heading in the earliest plantings.

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Top-dressing/Side-dressing N (06/18/20)

There are always farmers who top-dress or side-dress as part of their normal growing season plan.

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Considerations of Cover Crop Choices for Prevent Plant Acres (6/04/20)

Due to excessive rainfall last fall, and wet field conditions in certain parts of North Dakota, there will be considerable prevent plant acres this summer. Prevent plant payments help farmers through tough times, but most farmers would agree that planting and harvesting a crop is far more preferable than receiving a sustenance from a federal check.

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NDSU Fertilizer Recommendations (6/04/20)

Most current fertilizer recommendations supported by NDSU Extension are the result of research completed within the past decade.

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Cover Crops and Prevented Planting On-Line Café Talk (05/28/20)

A series of “drop-in” zoom calls are set up to talk about options for cover crops and weed management on prevented planting acres.

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Ruts and Soil Compaction after Harvest (05/07/20)

Wet field conditions during harvest left many fields with ruts. The cold and wet weather means that many of those areas have yet to be filled and leveled with tillage.

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Nitrogen Enhancers and Additives (05/07/20)

Some farmers, dealers and crop consultants are still somewhat confused as to what nitrogen (N) additive does what.

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Treacherous Field Conditions in some Areas this Spring (05/07/20)

I have had numerous reports from central to eastern North Dakota of tractors/seeders/applicators becoming stuck in fields where the soil surface is dry and where the field it can easily be driven over by a pickup truck or an ATV.

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Updated Soybean Fertility Recommendations (05/07/20)

The NDSU soybean fertility recommendations were updated this winter based on research conducted by NDSU researchers at Minot, Dickinson, Carrington and Fargo during the past decade.

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Nitrogen Calculator App for Corn, Spring Wheat/Durum, Sunflower (05/07/20)

Many growers and their consultants have already downloaded and are using the nitrogen calculator app for corn, spring wheat/durum and sunflower, but it is available free for all to use. Go to the Android or Iphone app store and search for North Dakota Crop Nitrogen Calculator and follow the instructions.

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Fertilizing Alfalfa (05/07/20)

The updated Alfalfa Soil Fertility Requirements circular has been published on-line for about a year.

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