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Tile Drainage Pumps for Farm Fields (07/30/15)

During the warm and drier part of the summer it is easy to forget the challenges of planting the 2015 crop. Many fields had issues with excess water during this and pervious growing seasons.

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Glyphosate as a Pre-Harvest Aid in Small-Grains (07/23/15)

Since many of the early-planted small grain crops are approaching maturity, I have decided to include instructions on the use of glyphosate as a pre-harvest aid; slightly revised from last year.

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Crops in Bloom (07/23/15)

Most of the main broadleaf crops in North Dakota are in the reproductive phase of crop development.

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Preparing for Planting Winter Wheat in Land Not Planted this Spring (07/02/15)

Planting winter wheat is probably not a priority right now. However, for those that had prevented plant acres that are considering establishing a residue crop, now is the time to act.

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Soybean Nodulation (07/02/15)

Soybean plants have the ability to form a symbiotic relationship with nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Bradyrhizobium japonicum), which cause the formation of nodules (small swellings) on the root system.

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Use Your Smart Phone or Tablet for Potato Diagnostics (06/18/15)

To assist in diagnosing potato problems, I have made a form available on the NDSU / U of M Potato Extension Service webpage.

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Small Grain and Corn Development: 2015 Growing Season (06/11/15)

Small grain acres were planted one to three weeks earlier this year than the long term average. Early planted small grains usually develop greater yield potential as the cooler temperatures normally encountered in early spring favor the development of more tillers and larger spikes.

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Soybean Growth and Development (06/11/15)

At this time of the year, soybeans have emerged or are emerging. Soybean plant development has two distinct phases.

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Evaluating Emergence Uniformity in Corn (06/04/15)

Last week I wrote about evaluating corn stands to determine if replanting would be profitable. This week I will discuss the issue of stand uniformity.

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Counting Soybean Plants (06/04/15)

Counting soybean plants just after plants are up and in the cotyledon or unifoliate growth stage is a good method to evaluate the crop stand.

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Tracking Waterhemp Emergence (05/21/15)

I am trying to forecast waterhemp emergence using growing degree days. You can help me to refine the model by indicating when you first see waterhemp.

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Plan to Spray Weeds Once Sugarbeet Fields Dry (05/21/15)

I suspect everyone benefited from last week’s precipitation. The rainfall was crucial for early season growth and development but has prevented us from working in the field for up to fourteen days in some locations.

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Frost Damage in Small Grains and Corn (05/21/15)

Air temperatures recently dipped below freezing in much of North Dakota. Since most of the small grains had been planted and emerged and some of the corn, there is concern about the type of damage this cold weather may have caused.

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Canola and Frost Damage (05/21/15)

During the middle of May 2015, early morning frost occurred in many parts of North Dakota. The temperature at which freezing injury may take place in canola varies with the growth stage of the plant, soil moisture content, and the length of time the temperature is below freezing.

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Canola Early Season Growth Stages (5/11/17)

Understanding the growth and development of a canola plant helps the producer make more effective management decisions.

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