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Small Grain and Corn Development Ahead of Normal this Season (06/23/16)

During my recent travels and based on reports from Area Specialists and County Agents, field conditions vary considerably across the state this season.

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Predicting Soybean Maturity (R8) (06/16/16)

A model has been developed to predict the maturity date of soybean to be used by eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota growers.

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Iron Deficiency Chlorosis in Soybean (06/09/16)

There is usually enough iron available in the soil for soybean. However, during the early season, the soybean plant may not be able to take up enough iron.

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Potential Impacts of Poor Corn Emergence (06/02/16)

In general, plant stands in most corn fields look great this year, especially when traveling on a paved road at the speed limit.

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Estimating Plant Density with the Hoop Method (06/02/16)

In the beginning of the growing season it is important to evaluate how many of the seeds actually made it into a growing seedling.

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Reducing Lodging in Small Grains with Growth Regulators (05/26/16)

Weather and crop conditions in the 2015 cropping season resulted in widespread problems with lodging in wheat, barley, and oats.

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Soybean Cultivar Maturity Rating and Yield (05/26/16)

About 81 percent of the 2016 soybean crop has been seeded as of Sunday May 22. As we are nearing the end of the planting season, producers sometimes wonder about which relative maturity (RM) will provide the best results.

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Cold Temperature Damage on Potato (05/19/16)

With the recent cold weather, you may be worried that your plants were damaged by the freezing temperatures.

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Dealing with Stand Loss in Corn (05/19/16)

The cold weather these past few days had the potential to damage emerged corn particularly in the eastern third of the state.

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Frost Damage in Alfalfa: What to do After it? (05/19/16)

Last weekend, air temperature descended to 23◦F for as long as 5 hours in some locations in North Dakota (see NDAWN map from 2:00 to 4:00 AM, 14 May 2016). Alfalfa in areas in dark blue color were exposed to temperatures below 25◦F for at least three hours.

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2015 Sunflower Survey Results (05/19/16)

During the 2015 sunflower growing season, 14 trained teams - including agronomists, entomologists, pathologists, crop consultants and/or producers - randomly stopped at 106 sunflower production fields in ND. Each team evaluated plant density, yield potential, disease, insect, and weed issues for each field.

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Impact of Planting Dates on Dry Edible Bean (05/12/16)

Six planting date trials were conducted by NDSU during 2012-15 to explore if dry edible bean seed yield and quality can be increased with early planting compared to the normal planting period (last 10 days of May through first 10 days of June).

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Evaluating Stand Establishment in Small Grains (05/12/16)

Last week we summarized some of the findings from a large spring wheat seeding rate trial conducted over the last three seasons in North Dakota and Minnesota.

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Shelter Belts and their Impact on Wind Speed, Solar Radiation, and Air Temperature Inversions (05/12/16)

Tree shelterbelts were planted to reduce near-surface wind speed, to decrease soil erosion or control snow drifting.

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Calculating Potato Seeding Rate (05/05/16)

When trying to calculate the amount of potato seed needed, the row spacing, within-row spacing, and seed size need to be taken into consideration.

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What Do the Results from Recent Seeding Rate Studies Suggest for New Spring Wheat Varieties? (05/05/16)

Last season we concluded a rather large multi-year, multi-location experiment to determine the optimum seeding rate for a range of diverse spring wheat varieties.

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Preliminary Results Soybean Survey 2015 (05/05/16)

Data collected from over 200 soybean fields in North Dakota were used for this report. A number of additional surveys are still being processed. In further analysis, interactions will also be examined.

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plsc.kandel.1.field pea guide

Field Pea Production Guide Available (05/05/16)

With the increased interest in field peas, North Dakota State University Extension agronomists, pathologists, entomologists and agricultural engineer, revised and updated the “NDSU Field Pea Production guide.”

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Soybean Physiological Maturity (09/10/15)

The soybean plants are rapidly moving to maturity.

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2015 Soybean Iron-Deficiency Chlorosis Ratings Available (08/27/15)

Iron-deficiency chlorosis (IDC) in soybean was a major problem early during the 2015 growing season in eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.

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