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Estimating Pea Yield (07/27/17)

Like other crops, dry field pea yield can be estimated prior to harvest.

Estimating Pea Yield

Like other crops, dry field pea yield can be estimated prior to harvest. The general yield formula is: plants per square foot x pods per plant x average seeds per pod x square feet per acre (43,560) = seeds per acre. However, the number of seeds per pound differ for various varieties. Table 1 provides some seed per pound numbers for selected varieties tested in 2016. Data from other tested varieties in 2016 can be found in the North Dakota Dry Pea Variety Trial Results for 2016 and Selection Guide A1469-16. As can be seen in Table 1, the number of seeds per pound is determined by environment in which the crop is grown. The numbers in the table are intended to provide an approximate value of seeds per pound. The number on the bottom of the columns represents the average of all the peas in the trial, with 23 and 18 varieties tested in Minot and Hettinger, respectively. It is likely that the seed weight might be lower under drought conditions resulting in more seeds per pound.



To get the pea yield in pounds per acre, the number of seeds per acre from the formula, mentioned above, can be divided by the number of approximate seeds per pound for the variety being evaluated. Finally, the number in pounds needs to be divided by the standard 60 pound per bushel to get the yield in bushel per acre adjusted to 13.5 percent moisture. Averaging multiple observations per field will increase the accuracy of the yield estimate.

 Hans Kandel

Extension Agronomist Broadleaf Crops

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