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Projections for 2019 Sugarbeet Crop (05/09/19)

Projections for 2019 Sugarbeet Crop

What crops do we grow for sugar and where are these crops produced in the US?

Growers in the US grow and process sugar from sugar cane and sugarbeet. Sugar cane is produced in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. Sugarbeet is produced mainly in Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon and California.

How many acres of sugarbeet will be planted by the US in 2019?

The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that 1.12 million acres of sugarbeet will be planted in 2019; very similar to the acreage in 2018.

How many acres of sugarbeet will be grown in North Dakota and Minnesota in 2019?

There are three sugarbeet cooperatives – American Crystal Sugar Company, Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative and Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative - in North Dakota and Minnesota. There are also growers in western North Dakota who produce beets for the Sidney Sugar Factory in eastern Montana. Together, these growers will plant about 620,000 acres which represents about 55% of the total US sugarbeet production. The 2019 acreage in North Dakota and Minnesota may be slightly higher than in 2018 to make up for the lower yield potential from a later planting.

What are some basic practices growers can follow to have a successful sugarbeet crop?

Growers can continue their efforts at improving efficiency by ensuring that planting is done in properly prepared and weed-free seed beds. Start with a good plant population to give the crop a solid foundation by using an adequate seeding rate and uniform seed spacing. Growers have the option of using several effective fungicidal seed treatments to control Rhizoctonia seedling damping-off should it become warm and wet soon after planting. Growers with a history of Aphanomyces in their fields are encouraged to use Tachigaren seed treatment and to apply and incorporate precipitated calcium carbonate to their fields to manage Aphanomyces damping-off and root rot. We need to be smart and ensure that we do a good job of planting so that we lay the foundation for a high yielding and high quality sugar beet crop.

How soon will growers start planting in the North Dakota and Minnesota?

Most of our fields are wet at this time because of the prolonged wintry conditions and late snowfalls. Major planting operations are expected to begin in about 7 to 14 days if we get good drying conditions.

What final message do you have to start the growing season?

Please adopt best management practices to have a profitable sugarbeet crop in 2019, and as always, practice safety in all your operations!


Mohamed Khan

Extension Sugarbeet Specialist

NDSU & U of MN


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