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ppth.markell.nelson.damping off in soybean

Soybean Root Rots (07/17/14)

We have received many questions about dying soybeans. The cause is, at least in part, severe root rot in much of the state.

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Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) Forecasting Models (07/10/14)

The recent windy days and reduction in extended moisture events has reduced scab risk for a few areas in ND.

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IPM Survey – Cereal Disease Update (07/10/14)

Last week, the IPM scouts examined 86 wheat fields and 11 barley fields.

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Sunflower Downy Mildew (07/10/14)

Downy mildew of sunflower is showing up in many fields in North Dakota and South Dakota.

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Review of Conditions Favorable for White Mold (07/10/14)

White mold is a concern in most broadleaf crops once they enter bloom.

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ppth.friskop.susceptible varieties

Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) Risk (07/03/14)

The state continues to receive frequent moisture events, moderate temperatures and days of high humidity.

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ppth.friskop.fig2.bls shiny glazed appearance mcmullen

Bacterial Leaf Streak in Wheat (07/03/14)

Last week the IPM survey scouts recorded bacterial leaf streak (BLS) in a few wheat fields. Additionally, I noticed BLS showing up in one of my wheat trials on campus. Given these observations, I feel it is important to review information on BLS.

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IPM Survey – Small Grain Disease Report (07/03/14)

Scouts were able to visit 162 wheat fields and 19 barley fields last week. Tan spot was recorded in 103 wheat fields and severity levels have increased compared to previous weeks.

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ppth.markell.delrio.fig1.sclerotinia sr june.26 map

White Mold of Canola – Risk Map and Risk Calculator (07/03/14)

As canola enters bloom, the crop becomes susceptible to white mold. Fungicides are available that can help manage the disease, so the important decision many growers will face is whether or not the environment is favorable for infection and disease development.

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Blackleg on Canola (06/26/14)

Crop scouts are reporting low incidence of canola blackleg in Bottineau County.

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Timing of fungicides for Scab Control in Wheat and Barley (06/26/14)

Early planted barley is approaching the stage of greatest risk for Fusarium Head Blight infection (scab). Spring wheat is not far behind.

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Scab Risk for Flowering Wheat (06/26/14)

Using the scab risk models from NDSU and the FHB prediction center, scab risk for very susceptible varieties remains moderate to high for a majority of the state.

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IPM Survey – Disease Update (06/26/14)

The scouts visited 158 wheat fields and 22 barley fields last week.

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IPM Disease Survey and Wheat Scab (06/19/14)

The IPM scouts visited 147 wheat fields and 16 barley fields last week. Scouts recorded tan spot in 58% of the wheat fields, yet disease severity remains low.

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Sunflower Rust Found in NC North Dakota (06/19/14)

The early season spore stages of sunflower rust (pycnia and aecia) was identified in North Central North Dakota this week on volunteer sunflowers.

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Carrington Fungicide Efficacy Data now Available Online (06/19/14)

For many of the most important diseases of broadleaf crops grown in North Dakota, fungicide efficacy data are now available online at the NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center website.

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plant path.friskop.tan spot incidence

IPM Disease Survey Report (06/12/14)

The IPM scouts visited 143 wheat fields and 16 barley fields last week. Tan spot continues to be the most prevalent disease in wheat and was documented in 38% of wheat fields scouted. Spot blotch of barley was recorded in 6 of the 16 fields scouted.

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Potato Update: Delayed Planting and Diseases (06/05/14)

Potato planting and emergence are behind normal due to the extended winter and delayed arrival of spring and summer. As a result, much of the potato acreage is only recently or not yet planted and emergence will be later than normal.

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NDSU Potato Blightline to Operate in 2014 (06/05/14)

The Plant Pathology Department at North Dakota State University will again be providing the potato Blightline service at no charge to the potato industry of North Dakota and western Minnesota in 2014.

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plant pathology.Friskop.tan spot incidence map

Wheat Disease Update (06/05/14)

The start of a cool-wet spring and recent rain events across the state have provided favorable conditions for foliar pathogen infections on small grains. Likewise, IPM scouts are reporting varying levels of tan spot incidence across wheat fields; however, severity is generally low.

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