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Plant Pathology

High Levels of DON Being Reported in Small Grains (08/28/14)

With winter wheat and barley harvest in full swing, several specialists and crop professionals have reported high deoxynivalenol (DON) levels in the harvested crop.

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ppth.markell.downy mildew survey map 2014

Downy Mildew in 2014 (08/28/14)

Michelle Gilley, a research specialist at NDSU and the USDA sunflower unit, surveyed 105 sunflower fields this summer. She assessed the incidence of infected plants and, when possible, collected pathogen samples for race determination and fungicide sensitivity work that will be done this winter.

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ppth.markell.fig 1.foliar symptoms BSR

Late Season Soybean Stem Diseases (08/28/14)

Now is a great time to examine your soybeans for diseases; particularly stem disease whose symptoms appear late in the season; brown stem rot, charcoal rot and sudden death syndrome (not yet found in North Dakota).

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Soybean Cyst Nematode Field Days Scheduled for September (08/28/14)

The NDSU Extension Service and the North Dakota Soybean Council are working together on three soybean cyst nematode (SCN) field days this summer. The three field days will be on September 18th (near Hunter, ND), September 22nd (near Wyndmere, ND) and September 23rd (near Galesburg, ND).

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ppth.markell.scn survey 2013 map

2014 SCN Soil Testing Program – Coming Soon (08/28/14)

The NDSU Extension Service and the North Dakota Soybean Council are working together to coordinate an SCN soil testing reimbursement program again in 2014.

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ppth.chapara.friskop.1.vascular plugging corn

Goss’s Wilt and Leaf Blight of Corn (08/14/14)

Goss’s bacterial wilt and leaf blight of corn was found in northwest McHenry County last week indicating that now is a good time to start scouting for this disease.

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ppth.markell.1.patches clubroot canola

Scout for Clubroot at Swathing (08/14/14)

In the last several weeks, clubroot has been found in several fields in the NE part of the state.

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ppth.friskop.3 4.fusarium head blight susceptible and very susceptible varieties maps

Scab Risk in Late-Planted Spring Wheat (08/06/14)

With the wide range of planting dates this year, wheat is flowering at different times. If you have late-planted spring wheat that is approaching flowering, use the scab risk models to determine if a fungicide application is needed.

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ppth.friskop.1 2.tan spot incidence and wheat scab field severity index.

IPM Survey – Small Grain Disease Update (08/06/14)

Over the past two weeks, the IPM scouts visited 181 wheat fields and 8 barley fields. Scab was reported in 41 wheat fields and scab incidence ranged from 1% to 51% within those fields.

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ppth.markell.3.leaf pustules contact

Scout for Sunflower Rust (08/06/14)

As sunflowers begin to bloom it is important to scout for sunflower rust. Sunflower rust was found on volunteers and wild sunflowers early in the growing season, and environmental conditions have been very favorable for rust development, making disease development likely.

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ppth.markell.1.close up of a rust and dusty cinnamon brown spores

Scout for Dry Edible Bean Rust (08/06/14)

In the last week I have been receiving questions about dry bean rust, and I encourage growers to scout for the disease.

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ppth.markell.pasche.bacterial blight

Bacterial Blights Appearing On Dry Beans (07/31/14)

Bacterial blight is showing up on dry edible beans throughout the dry bean growing regions of North Dakota and Minnesota.

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Root Rot of Soybean Update: Rhizoctonia (07/24/14)

Last week we wrote an article about the high levels of soybean root rots showing up in the region. Although multiple pathogens can cause root rots on soybeans, Rhizoctonia has been consistently showing up this year.

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Scab (FHB) Update (07/24/14)

During the past two weeks, I had the opportunity to visit several winter wheat production fields and winter wheat variety trials located on NDSU Extension and Research Centers.

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ppth.markell.2.tan spot percent incidence

Wheat Disease Update (07/24/14)

The IPM survey scouts visited 124 wheat fields last week. Tan spot was detected in approximately 84% of the wheat fields.

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ppth.friskop.1.corn rust

Rust Review (07/24/14)

We have observed many rust diseases in the last couple weeks...

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ppth.markell.1.snflr dwny mildw percent incidence

IPM Crop Scouts Detecting Downy Mildew in Sunflower (07/24/14)

The IPM Crop Scouts have surveyed over 50 sunflower fields in the last two weeks and found downy mildew in approximately half of them.

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Cercospora Leaf Spot Alert (07/24/14)

Cercospora leaf spot is the most devastating foliar disease of sugarbeet in Minnesota and North Dakota. The disease is caused by the fungal pathogen Cercospora beticola.

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ppth.chapara.stripe rust wheat

Disease Update: North Central North Dakota (07/17/14)

Stripe rust of wheat was observed in Renville County, ND in winter wheat on July 15, 2014

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ppth.markell.nelson.damping off in soybean

Soybean Root Rots (07/17/14)

We have received many questions about dying soybeans. The cause is, at least in part, severe root rot in much of the state.

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