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REC Field Day Videos Available (07/23/20)

A total of 101 videos were recorded for the 2020 REC Field Day for your viewing and education!


A total of 101 videos were recorded for the 2020 REC Field Day for your viewing and education!

A good place to start is with the ‘Welcome’ videos by:

Here’s a summary of some of the video topics that address many different agricultural areas:  crop production issues (seeding rates, row spacing, cover crops, intercropping, twin row corn), updates on crop breeding programs, new crops (hemp, perennial flax, etc.), organic crop production, salt-tolerant crops, prevented plant, soil fertility, soil microbes, protein enhancement for winter wheat, insect pest and disease updates (soybean cyst nematodes, wheat diseases, IPM, insect trapping, beneficial insects, wheat stem sawfly, pea leaf weevil, pea aphid), weed control (horseweed, kochia, etc.), noxious weeds, pesticides (fungicide spraying), Precision Ag updates (drones, robots in field), and crop market updates. 

Other areas covered are horticultural crops (aronia and haskaps), vineyards, fruit orchards, gardening, pipelines, livestock issues (alternative roughages for beef cattle, alternative grains for feedlot cattle, mineral supplements for preweaning and postweaning beef cattle, cattle markets, etc.) and retail meats for home and local foods.

Updates from the NDSU RECs, Northern Canola Growers Association, Northern Plains Sustainable Ag Society, Crop Improvement and Foundation Seed groups and others also are included.

Interested? Get some popcorn, relax and check it out the REC Field Day videos! Have fun! Below is the master playlist link for all the REC Field Day videos.


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