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Consider Pros, Cons of Alternative Grain Storage Methods (08/27/15)

With some of last year's grain crop still in storage and a bumper crop expected this year, the demand for grain storage is high.

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ent.knodel.3.soybean aphid map

Soybean Aphid Decline (08/27/15)

Soybean aphids are decreasing or stagnant in most soybean fields. You can see this in the final soybean aphid map (below) from the IPM scouting program.

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Manage Insect Pest Problems in Grain Bins (08/27/15)

This article is worth repeating - the importance of getting bins ready for grain storage to minimize insect pest problems in bins (2013 Crop & Pest Report).

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Good Bug Corner - Good Bugs and Fungi (08/27/15)

This week’s Good Bug Corner features several good bugs and fungal pathogens.

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Sunflower Insect Traps (08/13/15)

Banded sunflower moth traps continue to have high trap counts, >100 moth per trap per week, in most sunflower producing areas.

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Good Bug Corner – Tachinid Flies (08/13/15)

This week’s Good Bug Corner featured insects are the Tachinid flies in the insect family Tachinidae. The adult fly feeds on nectar of flowers and honeydew from aphids or scale insects.

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Hessian Fly Damaged Wheat (08/13/15)

Several emails and calls about lodged wheat from Hessian fly infestations have been reported in primarily Pembina and Williams counties.

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2.ent.knodel.aphid map 1

Soybean Aphids & Hot Temperatures (08/13/15)

Soybean aphids increased with the favorable temperatures in the low 80s F last week. However, the recent hot weather (>90 F), will slow population growth.

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White Butterflies Flying Around (08/13/15)

I’ve received many calls and emails about all of the white butterflies flying around ditches, canola, alfalfa and other areas and whether they are an insect pest.

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ent.knodel.8.corn rootworm

Adult Corn Rootworms Emerging (08/06/15)

Northern and western corn rootworm adults were observed in field corn near Page, northern Cass County. The adult northern corn rootworm is green beetle and about ¼ inch long.

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ent.knodel.7.sunflower moth.1

Sunflower Insect Traps (08/06/15)

Banded sunflower moth peaked last week with our highest trap numbers recorded yet for the season. Sunflower moth also increased, but numbers are still below the economic threshold for traps.

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ent.knodel.6.rove beetle

Good Bug Corner – Rove Beetles (08/06/15)

This week’s Good Bug Corner featured insects are the Rove Beetles in the insect family Staphylinidae.

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ent.knodel.Corn Aphids Average Plant.1

Corn Aphids (08/06/15)

High populations of aphids are being observed in field corn in the east-central areas of North Dakota (NDSU Corn IPM Survey).

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ent.knodel.3.soybean aphid map.1

Soybean Aphids - IPM UpdateSoybean Aphids - IPM Update (08/06/15)

Ninety-seven fields were scouted by the IPM Scouts for soybean aphids last week. The IPM scouts in North Dakota and Minnesota found soybean aphids in 57% of the soybean fields surveyed.

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Canola – Flower Thrips (08/06/15)

Flower thrips are being observed in canola.

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ent.knodel.6.sunflower head

Insecticide Control of Sunflower Head Insects (07/30/15)

I’ve updated this article on timing of insecticide application for management of sunflower head insects from an old issue of the 2013 Crop & Pest Report.

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Red Sunflower Seed Weevil Threshold for 2015 (07/30/15)

Red sunflower seed weevil (RSSW) adults are emerging now and will fly to the nearest flowering sunflowers.

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ent.knodel.3.banded sunflower moth maps

Sunflower Insect Traps (07/30/15)

Pheromone traps run by the IPM Survey scouts showed high numbers of banded sunflower moths located in southwest and central North Dakota and increasing numbers of sunflower moths in north central and northeast North Dakota (see maps).

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ent.knodel.2.soybean aphid maps

Soybean Aphids - IPM Scouting Update (07/30/15)

Eighty-eight fields were scouted by the IPM Scouts for soybean aphids last week. The IPM scouts in North Dakota and Minnesota found soybean aphids in 60% of the soybean fields surveyed.

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Good Bug Corner-Monarch Butterfly (07/30/15)

This week’s Good Bug Corner featured insects are the Monarch butterfly in the insect family Nymphalidae.

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