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ent.knodel.alfalfa weevil

Alfalfa Weevil Degree Day Update (06/11/15)

The southeast area of North Dakota has accumulated enough degree days (DD) for the major leaf feeding stage (504 to 595 accumulated DD) by weevil larvae.

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Mosquitoes Swarming Livestock in Pastures (06/11/15)

With all the rain this spring, blood-sucking mosquitoes are swarming and aggressively biting livestock in pastures.

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Insect Pest Reports (06/11/15)

Reports on Canola and Field Pea included

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Cereal Aphids Arrive (06/04/15)

Our first cereal aphids were detected in McHenry County in the NC area of North Dakota at sub-economic level, 14% incidence, on durum wheat by the IPM Scout, Jacee Aaseth. Scouting over the next month will be important for the wheat (spring, durum and winter), oat and barley.

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ent.knodel.syrphid fly

Good Bug Corner (06/04/15)

This week’s featured bug is the syrphid fly or hoverfly (Diptera: Syrphidae). There are about 1,000 species of syrphid flies in North America, and are common in field crops.

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Sugarbeet Root Maggot: The Calm before a Pending Storm (06/04/15)

Although sugarbeet root maggot (SBRM) fly activity is currently at low levels throughout most of the Red River Valley (RRV), all indicators thus far suggest that some sites within the Valley will experience very high populations this year.

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ent.boetel.table 1 acc dd root maggot

Sugarbeet Root Maggot: Activity Peaks Possible Within 2 Weeks (05/28/15)

The first sugarbeet root maggot (SBRM) flies of the season were observed on Tuesday, May 26 in a field near St. Thomas, ND.

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Good Bug Corner (05/28/15)

This week’s featured is the green lacewing (Chrysopa species). The adult is a beautiful 1 inch long, green insect with 2 pair of clear, network-like wings, and large golden to red eyes.

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ent.knodel.acc.base.48 dd.insect

Insect Pest Updates (05/28/15)

Insect pest updates on canola, alfalfa, wheat, and field peas.

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Good Bug Corner (05/21/15)

This week’s featured group is beneficial wasps (also called parasitoids) that attack and kill eggs and immature stages of many insect pests. Parasitoids are described as tiny wasps in the insect order Hymenoptera and include many different families (Braconidae and Ichneumonidae, for example).

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Watch Out for these Invasive Insect Pests (05/21/15)

Since the cold temperatures have slowed insect pest activity this past week, I thought this would be a good opportunity to update you on the status of a few invasive insect pests of field crops. Please look for these invasive insect pests when you are out scouting fields or around your home.

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ent.jan.aster leafhopper feeding injury.4

Aster Leafhoppers in Winter Wheat (05/14/15)

Aster leafhoppers and other species of leafhoppers were observed in large numbers in a winter wheat field near Aneta in Nelson County (source: Huso Crop Consulting).

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Good Bug Corner (05/14/15)

This week’s feature is spiders; which are closely related to insects, but in the Class Arachnida.

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ent.jan.dingy cutworms.1png

Cutworms Active (05/14/15)

Early season cutworms are starting to show up in fields.

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ent.jk.lady beetle adult

Good Bug Corner (05/07/15)

We will be running a “good” bug section in the newsletter this year to increase knowledge and identification of good or beneficial insects.

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Revised Handy Bt Trait Table for Corn (05/07/15)

This table summarizes the transgenic traits that are available in corn for insect and weed management. Dr. Chris DiFonzo, Field Crops Entomologist, of Michigan State University updates the table each year.

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IPM Survey Summary for Insect Pests (09/11/14)

The goal of the IPM Survey is to detect the presence severity of diseases and insect pests that are common in agricultural crops grown in North Dakota and to verify the absence of pests that might be of export concern.

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ent.knodel.corn rootworm larvae

Corn Rootworms – Low Root Damage Ratings (09/11/14)

Corn rootworms are becoming a more common insect pest of corn in North Dakota. Northern corn rootworms are more common this year than the western corn rootworms.

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Webinar on Stored Grain IPM (08/28/14)

Stored Grain Integrated Pest Management in the North Central United States Friday, September 12, 2014 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. CT

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Insects Clipping Silks in Corn (08/14/14)

Two insects have been reported clipping silks in field corn – red-headed flea beetles (Systena frontalis) and sap beetles or picnic beetles (Glischrochilus quadrisignatus).

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