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IPM Survey Summary for Insect Pests (09/11/14)

The goal of the IPM Survey is to detect the presence severity of diseases and insect pests that are common in agricultural crops grown in North Dakota and to verify the absence of pests that might be of export concern.

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ent.knodel.corn rootworm larvae

Corn Rootworms – Low Root Damage Ratings (09/11/14)

Corn rootworms are becoming a more common insect pest of corn in North Dakota. Northern corn rootworms are more common this year than the western corn rootworms.

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Webinar on Stored Grain IPM (08/28/14)

Stored Grain Integrated Pest Management in the North Central United States Friday, September 12, 2014 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. CT

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Insects Clipping Silks in Corn (08/14/14)

Two insects have been reported clipping silks in field corn – red-headed flea beetles (Systena frontalis) and sap beetles or picnic beetles (Glischrochilus quadrisignatus).

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ent.knodel.2.soybean aphid maps

Keep Scouting for Soybean Aphids (08/14/14)

Soybean aphid infestations are spotty this year. Some fields in the Red River Valley have hot spots of aphids and have reached the economic threshold level requiring an insecticidal treatment.

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Sunflower Insect Trap Update (08/14/14)

Banded sunflower moths continue to be trapped at high numbers in IPM scout pheromone traps. However, trap captures for the migratory sunflower moth are low throughout the state.

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ent.knodel.5.grasshoppers map july21 aug01

Grasshoppers Increasing (08/06/14)

The NDSU Extension IPM Crop Scouts surveyed over 790 fields in wheat, barley, soybean and sunflowers during the last two weeks.

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ent.knodel.4.corn rootworm distribution by species

Corn Rootworm Emergence Starting (08/06/14)

My graduate student, Veronica Calles-Torrez, just started picking up northern corn rootworm adults in her emergence traps near Arthur and Page, northern Cass County.

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ent.knodel.3.2013 sunflower survey map

Red Sunflower Seed Weevils Emerged (08/06/14)

Field reports of red sunflower seed weevil (RSSW) adults are being observed in early flowering sunflowers near Bismarck at economic threshold levels and Minot (V. Chapara, NCREC).

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ent.knodel.1.lady beetle larvae

Soybean Aphid Scouting Alert (08/06/14)

Soybean aphid populations are growing fast with these moderate temperatures (high 70sF to low 80sF) and many new colonies and winged aphids are present in fields.

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Get Ready To Scout for Red Sunflower Seed Weevils (07/31/14)

Red sunflower seed weevil (RSSW) adults will be emerging soon and will fly to the nearest flowering sunflowers.

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Banded Sunflower Moth and Sunflower Moth Trap Update (07/31/14)

Sunflower moth continues to be trapped at low, sub-economic levels in the IPM scouts’ pheromone traps.

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Soybean Aphids (07/31/14)

The IPM Crop Scouts surveyed 92 soybean fields last week and soybean aphids were observed in only 9% of the fields surveyed.

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ent.knodel.lygus bug

Insect Control in Confection Sunflowers (07/31/14)

Control of seed-infesting insect pests is important for confection sunflowers and dehulled oilseed sunflowers since they are grown under contract with very low tolerance levels of insect seed damage.

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ent.knodel.4.banded sunflower moth

Time to Scout for Banded Sunflower Moth (07/24/14)

IPM scouts are detecting increasing numbers of banded sunflower moths in pheromone traps.

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ent.knodel.7.wheat midge dd and wheat growth stages

Wheat Midge Update (07/24/14)

Wheat midge is near the end of its flight...

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ent.knodel.3.sunflower moth trapping

Sunflower Moth Detected in Traps (07/24/14)

One to two sunflower moths per trap per week were detected in IPM scout’s pheromone traps in Golden Valley, Stark and Cass Counties.

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ent.knodel.1soybean growth stages

Scout for Soybean Aphids (07/24/14)

The soybean aphids have arrived right on time!

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ent.knodel.wheat midge 2013 larval survey

Wheat Midge Degree Day Map (07/17/14)

Continue to scout for wheat midge from heading through early flowering (<50% flowered), especially in areas where the 2013 fall soil survey indicated moderate to high risk for wheat midge larvae (see map on right).

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Watch For Increasing Grasshoppers (07/17/14)

Grasshopper nymphs are increasing in some areas (see maps below) and may start moving into field edges of crops.

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