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Soybean Aphids - Scouting Critical (07/23/15)

Some “hotspots” soybean fields are at economic threshold (E.T. = average of 250 aphids per plant, 80% of the plants infested, and increasing populations) and will be or have been sprayed with insecticide for soybean aphid control.

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ent.knodel.3.sunflower moth maps

Update on Sunflower Insect Pests (07/23/15)

Pheromone traps monitored by the IPM Survey scouts are capturing increasing numbers of banded sunflower moths (BSM) located in Cass and Foster Counties of North Dakota last week

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Good Bug Corner-Parasitic Wasps (07/23/15)

This week’s Good Bug Corner featured insects are parasitic wasps in the insect family Braconidae.

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ent.knodel.3.soybean aphid maps

Soybean Aphids Increasing (07/16/15)

Continue scouting for soybean aphids during the R1 (early flowering) to R5 (early seed) crop stages. The IPM scouts in North Dakota and Minnesota found soybean aphids in 71% of the soybean fields surveyed during the time from June 29 to July 11.

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ent.knodel.2.ground beetle

Good Bug Corner-Ground Beetles (07/16/15)

This week’s Good Bug Corner featured insects are ground beetles in the family Carabidae.

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ent.knodel.1.pupae  sunflower seed maggot

Sunflower Seed Maggot (07/16/15)

Sunflower heads damaged from sunflower seed maggot, Neotephritis finalis, are being observed in some sunflower fields near Mandan.

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ent.knodel.7.banded sunflower moth

Banded Sunflower Moth and Sunflower Moth Flying (07/09/15)

The IPM Survey scouts captured the first banded sunflower moths in pheromone traps located in Richland, Ramsey and Cavalier Counties of North Dakota last week.

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ent.knodel.5.armyworm larva

Armyworms in Wheat and Barley (07/09/15)

Armyworms are becoming a concern in maturing wheat and barley fields in Cass, Grand Forks and Steele Counties of North Dakota.

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ent.knodel.4.good bug corner

Good Bug Corner - Giant Black Parasitic Wasp (07/09/15)

This week’s Good Bug Corner featured insect is Megarhyssa atrata, in the family Ichneumonidae.

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ent.knodel.3.acc midge degree days

Wheat Midge Wheat Midge Degree Day Update (07/09/15)

The degree-day model (NDSU North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network website) indicates that 50-90% of the females have emerged and are flying.

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ent.knodel.1.soybean aphid map.1

Scout for Soybean Aphids (07/09/15)

Time to start scouting for soybean aphids.

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ent.knodel.9.ambush bug

Good Bug Corner - Ambush Bug (07/02/15)

This week’s Good Bug Corner featured insect is the ambush bug, Phymata sp., in the family Reduviidae.

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ent.knodel.8.leafy spurge beetle map

Degree Day Update for Leafy Spurge Flea Beetles (07/02/15)

Using the sunflower GDD model from NDAWN, the accumulated growing degree days (AGDD) for leafy spurge flea beetles indicate that we can collect flea beetles (AGDD = 1,200 to 1,600) throughout the state.

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Wheat Stem Sawfly Flying (07/02/15)

Several field reports of low numbers of wheat stem sawfly adults flying in wheat have been received from NC (Ward-Mountrail Counties between Max and Parshall), NW (McKenzie County) and SW (Sioux County) areas of North Dakota (IPM survey data).

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ent.knodel.3.midge mappng

Wheat Midge Populations Lower in 2015 than 2014 (07/02/15)

Soil samples in North Dakota indicate decreased levels of overwintering wheat midge larvae (cocoons) for the 2015 season.

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Scout for Colorado Potato Beetles (07/02/15)

What you need to know about Colorado potato beetles.

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ent.knodel.4.acc base insect dd map

Degree Day Update for Alfalfa Weevil (06/25/15)

Based on the accumulated growing degree days, most of North Dakota is past or at peak feeding (or 504 - 595 AGDD) when larvae are in the 3rd to 4th instars.

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ent.knodel.3.spined soldier bug

Good Bug Corner (06/25/15)

This week’s Good Bug Corner featured insect is the spined soldier bug, Podisus maculiventris, in the family Pentatomidae (or stink bugs).

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ent.knodel.2.sf acc gdd map

Degree Day Update for Leafy Spurge Flea Beetles (06/25/15)

Find out where to check the growing degree days for leafy spurge flea beetles.

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ent.knodel.1.wireworm larval feeding

Wireworms in Sunflower (06/25/15)

Insecticide seed treatments are not controlling late season wireworm populations in sunflowers.

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