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Wheat Midge Wheat Midge Degree Day Update (07/09/15)

The degree-day model (NDSU North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network website) indicates that 50-90% of the females have emerged and are flying.

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Good Bug Corner - Ambush Bug (07/02/15)

This week’s Good Bug Corner featured insect is the ambush bug, Phymata sp., in the family Reduviidae.

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ent.knodel.8.leafy spurge beetle map

Degree Day Update for Leafy Spurge Flea Beetles (07/02/15)

Using the sunflower GDD model from NDAWN, the accumulated growing degree days (AGDD) for leafy spurge flea beetles indicate that we can collect flea beetles (AGDD = 1,200 to 1,600) throughout the state.

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Wheat Stem Sawfly Flying (07/02/15)

Several field reports of low numbers of wheat stem sawfly adults flying in wheat have been received from NC (Ward-Mountrail Counties between Max and Parshall), NW (McKenzie County) and SW (Sioux County) areas of North Dakota (IPM survey data).

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ent.knodel.3.midge mappng

Wheat Midge Populations Lower in 2015 than 2014 (07/02/15)

Soil samples in North Dakota indicate decreased levels of overwintering wheat midge larvae (cocoons) for the 2015 season.

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2015 Economic Thresholds for Barley Thrips (06/18/15)

Fifty-eight percent of the barley is in the jointing crop stage in North Dakota (USDA NASS, ND – June 15, 2015) and susceptible to damage from barley thrips.

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Alfalfa Weevil Degree Day Update (06/11/15)

The southeast area of North Dakota has accumulated enough degree days (DD) for the major leaf feeding stage (504 to 595 accumulated DD) by weevil larvae.

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Cereal Aphids Arrive (06/04/15)

Our first cereal aphids were detected in McHenry County in the NC area of North Dakota at sub-economic level, 14% incidence, on durum wheat by the IPM Scout, Jacee Aaseth. Scouting over the next month will be important for the wheat (spring, durum and winter), oat and barley.

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Good Bug Corner (06/04/15)

This week’s featured bug is the syrphid fly or hoverfly (Diptera: Syrphidae). There are about 1,000 species of syrphid flies in North America, and are common in field crops.

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Sugarbeet Root Maggot: The Calm before a Pending Storm (06/04/15)

Although sugarbeet root maggot (SBRM) fly activity is currently at low levels throughout most of the Red River Valley (RRV), all indicators thus far suggest that some sites within the Valley will experience very high populations this year.

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Good Bug Corner (05/21/15)

This week’s featured group is beneficial wasps (also called parasitoids) that attack and kill eggs and immature stages of many insect pests. Parasitoids are described as tiny wasps in the insect order Hymenoptera and include many different families (Braconidae and Ichneumonidae, for example).

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Watch Out for these Invasive Insect Pests (05/21/15)

Since the cold temperatures have slowed insect pest activity this past week, I thought this would be a good opportunity to update you on the status of a few invasive insect pests of field crops. Please look for these invasive insect pests when you are out scouting fields or around your home.

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