Crop & Pest Report


Crop & Pest Report

Absinth Wormwood Control (5/11/17)

Question: How can absinth wormwood be controlled in a newer alfalfa/grass pasture or CRP planting that he planted last year, but doesn’t want to kill the alfalfa. In looking through the alfalfa herbicides in the weed guide on pages 48-49 I see several herbicides recommended, such as Pursuit, Raptor, and 2,4 DB amine. They all indicate no wormwood control. Of the wormwood herbicides on page 65, how bad would Chaparral, Milestone or Tordon hurt the alfalfa?

Absinth Wormwood Control (5/11/17) - Read More…

Preemergence Herbicides are a Proactive Approach for Weed Management (5/11/17)

Agriculturalists frequently advocate for use of preemergent herbicides. You heard state Extension Specialists recommend this in presentations during winter meetings and you have read it in trade magazines while you relax at home. Now it is time to put what you have heard and read into action. However, you are not so sure anymore, for some reason. The following evidence is intended to encourage you to apply herbicides preemergence.

Preemergence Herbicides are a Proactive Approach for Weed Management (5/11/17) - Read More…

Crop Rotation Following Dicamba (5/11/17)

Review of the Banvel (generics) or Clarity labels may create questions when some rotational crops can be planted after dicamba application.

Crop Rotation Following Dicamba (5/11/17) - Read More…

Plant Now, Feed Later (5/11/17)

Due to the early spring fertilizer application delayed by weather, and early planting also delayed due to snow and field wetness, all crops and all fertilizer demands are being compressed into this week and next.

Plant Now, Feed Later (5/11/17) - Read More…

New Publications and App Updates (5/11/17)

Pea Disease Diagnostic Series – PP1790, Fungicide Guide, & NDSU Extension Pest Management App

New Publications and App Updates (5/11/17) - Read More…

Weather Forecast: (5/11/17)

The May 11 through May 17, 2017 Weather Summary/Outlook

Weather Forecast: (5/11/17) - Read More…

Cereal Aphids in Winter Wheat (5/11/17)

Cereal aphids, English grain aphids and bird cherry oat aphids, were observed on May 9th in the winter wheat trial at Fargo by Dr. Friskop, NDSU Extension Plant Pathologist.

Cereal Aphids in Winter Wheat (5/11/17) - Read More…

Northwest ND (05/04/17)

Information from the Northwest region of North Dakota.

Northwest ND (05/04/17) - Read More…

Correction to Weed Guide (05/04/17)

Question: I have been getting questions left and right about Absinth wormwood control in pastures. I understand that there are recommendations in the ND Weed Guide that are not correct. What is the best time to control this weed, and what products/rates do we need to be using?

Correction to Weed Guide (05/04/17) - Read More…

Weather/Crop Phenology Maps (05/04/17)

Maps detailing percent normal rainfall and departure from normal average air temperature.

Weather/Crop Phenology Maps (05/04/17) - Read More…

Southwest ND (05/04/17)

Information from the Southwest region of North Dakota.

Southwest ND (05/04/17) - Read More…

South Central/East ND (05/04/17)

Information from the South Central/East region of North Dakota.

South Central/East ND (05/04/17) - Read More…

North Central ND (05/04/17)

Information from the North Central region of North Dakota.

North Central ND (05/04/17) - Read More…

Basic First Aid for Snow-Damaged Trees (05/04/17)

Heavy snows have melted, exposing a lot of the damage they did to North Dakota’s trees this winter.

Basic First Aid for Snow-Damaged Trees (05/04/17) - Read More…

Webs in my Trees (05/04/17)

Look for webs in the forks of trees or branches in the spring, especially on cherry, chokecherry and plum trees. You may see webbing and small caterpillars crawling around on webs.

Webs in my Trees (05/04/17) - Read More…

Waterhemp Control in Sugarbeet (05/04/17)

Congratulations if you planted sugarbeet the week of April 9 and are starting to see emergence this week. Your sugarbeet crop should reach the 2-lf stage by approximately May 12th or timing for application of one of the chloroacetamide herbicides for waterhemp control.

Waterhemp Control in Sugarbeet (05/04/17) - Read More…

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