Crop & Pest Report


Crop & Pest Report

Perennial Weed Control in Dry Weather (8/03/17)

QUESTION: I am wondering about continuing to treat leafy spurge in the dry conditions we are experiencing this year. The leafy spurge plants I have treated with Tordon do not look like they are dying. Should I continue to treat, use a different chemical, or just stop until we get some rain?

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Spotty Sugarbeets in NE ND, and NW MN (8/03/17)

I have had several questions regarding early yellowing of sugarbeet in NE North Dakota and NW Minnesota during the past couple weeks.

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Bacterial Blight Appearing in Soybeans (8/03/17)

I have been receiving some questions about foliar lesions in soybeans.

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Sunflower Seed Maggot In Sunflower Heads(8/03/17)

Field reports of a small, golden brown pupae in the face of sunflower heads, usually surrounded by a small number of damaged florets are being reported in south central, north central and northeast North Dakota.

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Weather Forecast: (07/27/17)

The July 27 through August 2, 2017 Weather Summary/Outlook

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Southwest ND (07/27/17)

Information from the Southwest region of North Dakota.

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Northeast ND (07/27/17)

Information from the Northeast region of North Dakota.

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Northwest ND (07/27/17)

Information from the Northwest region of North Dakota.

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North Central ND (07/27/17)

Information from the North Central region of North Dakota.

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Growth Regulator Symptoms on Soybeans (07/27/17)

The photo below was sent inquiring if the cause was from dicamba drift or the rapid response syndrome.

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Rust on Dry Beans Being Found in North Dakota and Minnesota (07/27/17)

We have received multiple reports and photographs of common rust occuring on dry beans. In much of the dry bean production regions conditions have been very favorable for the development of rust (warm temperatures and mornings with dew) and will likely be favorable into the future.

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Tools for Monitoring Weather Impact on Corn Development (07/27/17)

We are slightly more than halfway through the growing season for corn. This allows us to look at how fast corn is developing this season relative to other seasons to make a more informed guess as to when it might mature.

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‘Good Bugs’ Out In Fields (07/27/17)

While scouting, it is easy to find many ‘good bugs’ in fields, especially fields with aphid infestations.

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Wanted: Soybean Aphids

Minnesota Extension Entomologists have reported pyrethroid resistance in soybean aphids in southwest and northwest Minnesota for the past 3 years.

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Corn Aphids (07/27/17)

Large numbers of aphids are being reported in field corn in southeast North Dakota.

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European Corn Borer Scouting (07/27/17)

With more non-Bt corn planted this year, it is important to scout corn fields for European corn borer. Limited spraying for corn borer has been reported in the Valley City area.

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Potato Psyllid Detected in North Dakota (07/27/17)

Potato psyllid, Bactericera cockerelli, was detected last week in a commercial potato field near Tappen in central North Dakota.

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Japanese Beetle Detected In Traps (07/27/17)

Japanese beetles have begun to emerge as adults. Live adults were collected from traps at 4 nurseries on the east side of the state in Cass and Richland Counties.

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Estimating Pea Yield (07/27/17)

Like other crops, dry field pea yield can be estimated prior to harvest.

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Painted Lady Butterflies Flying (07/27/17)

Swarms of painted lady butterflies can be seen when driving by soybean and other fields.

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