Crop & Pest Report


Crop & Pest Report

Southwest ND (05/05/16)

Information from the Southwest region of North Dakota

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South Central ND (05/05/16)

Information from the South Central region of North Dakota.

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Northeast ND (05/05/16)

Information from the Northeast region of North Dakota.

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North Central ND (05/05/16)


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Ticks with Lyme disease in ND (05/05/16)

With warmer spring weather, tick season is upon us. So far, we have identified the smaller black legged tick (or deer tick), Ixodes scapularis, and the larger dog ticks, Dermacentor variabilis, from areas of North Dakota and Minnesota.

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Plant Diagnostic Lab Update (05/05/16)

News and updates on the Plant Diagnostic Lab.

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A Weeds Management Strategy may or may not Include Soil-Applied Herbicides (05/05/16)

A survey of weed control and production practices in sugarbeet has been compiled annually since 1968.

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Warrant Ultra in Soybean (05/05/16)

You may have read about Warrant Ultra, a premix of encapsulated acetochlor and fomesafen (you may know of it as Reflex).

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Shallow Urea Incorporation not Recommended (05/05/16)

My colleagues in the soil fertility world have often assumed that shallow (inch or so) incorporation of urea was better than no incorporation at all.

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Topsoil Removal Project Still Underway (05/05/16)

This spring has seen several days of major topsoil loss in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and other areas of the state where conventional tillage and dry top soil conditions were present.

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Glitch in Corn N Calculator with Irrigated Corn (05/05/16)

The Irrigated Corn category within the North Dakota Corn N Calculator is not accessing the data it should to provide N recommendation values.

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New Features for NDSU Extension Pest Management App (05/05/16)

The NDSU Extension Pest Management App (which houses information from the Plant Disease Management Guide, Insect Control Guide and Weed Control Guide) has recently been updated with new features.

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Additions to the 2016 North Dakota Field Crop Plant Disease Management Guide (Fungicide Guide) (05/05/16)

Each year the NDSU Extension Plant Pathology team receives information to update the fungicide guide and the table below highlights the recent additions of recently labeled of combinations of active ingredients.

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NDSU Potato Blightline to Operate in 2016 (05/05/16)

The Plant Pathology Department at North Dakota State University will again be providing the potato Blightline service at no charge to the potato industry of North Dakota and western Minnesota in 2016.

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Estimated Sugarbeet Acreage for 2016 (05/05/16)

It is estimated that the US will plant 1.159 million acres of sugarbeet in 2016. American Crystal Sugar Company will plant just over 400,000 acres, Minn-Dak will plant 115,000 acres, and Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative will plant about 119,000 acres.

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Calculating Potato Seeding Rate (05/05/16)

When trying to calculate the amount of potato seed needed, the row spacing, within-row spacing, and seed size need to be taken into consideration.

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What Do the Results from Recent Seeding Rate Studies Suggest for New Spring Wheat Varieties? (05/05/16)

Last season we concluded a rather large multi-year, multi-location experiment to determine the optimum seeding rate for a range of diverse spring wheat varieties.

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Preliminary Results Soybean Survey 2015 (05/05/16)

Data collected from over 200 soybean fields in North Dakota were used for this report. A number of additional surveys are still being processed. In further analysis, interactions will also be examined.

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Field Pea Production Guide Available (05/05/16)

With the increased interest in field peas, North Dakota State University Extension agronomists, pathologists, entomologists and agricultural engineer, revised and updated the “NDSU Field Pea Production guide.”

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Mystery Insect (05/05/16)

A few questions have come into the office on what these large mosquito-like insects are!

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