Crop & Pest Report


Crop & Pest Report

hort.jk.clover mite

Clover Mites – A Nuisance in Homes (05/07/15)

Do you see small dots moving around on the inside of your window sill or climbing up the sides of house on the sunny-side (south or west)?

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Rotating to Barley after Pursuit or Raptor (05/07/15)

A significant increase in barley acres this year will cause a closer look at rotation restrictions from residual herbicides applied last year.

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Revisions to the Crop Rotation Restriction Table (05/07/15)

The following are corrections to pages 102-103 in the Crop Rotation Restriction table in the 2015 ND Weed Guide that were supposed to be included in the guide.

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Weed Alert – Common Lambsquarters (05/07/15)

We have enjoyed an early spring in 2015. We did not have much snow and bare soil temperatures began to increase in March.

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Dry bean herbicide approved by ND Dept of Ag (05/07/15)

The ND Department of Ag has issued a Special Local Needs (SLN) registration to FMC Corporation enabling North Dakota dry bean producers to manage broadleaf weeds, including kochia and ALS-resistant kochia with Spartan® Elite herbicide.

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Soil Temperature and Germination of Sugarbeet Seeds (05/07/15)

Sugarbeet seeds germinate and emerge over a wide temperature range in the presence of adequate moisture and oxygen.

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Wake Up Call (05/07/15)

This winter, we had the unhappy reminder that we live in a very windy place. The Fargo radio was abuzz with calls about ‘black snow’ and some suggested that it was from oil-field flaring.

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Overview of Wheat Seed Treatments (05/07/15)

Seed treatments are very important in wheat production and the decision to use one can revolve around several factors such as crop rotation, seed source, planting conditions, history of pest problems, and economics.

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Projections for 2015 Sugarbeet Crop (05/07/15)

Topics Covered include: Sugar production from sugarcane and sugarbeet U.S. sugarbeet acreage Minnesota and North Dakota What are some basic practices growers can follow? What is the status of sugarbeet planting? Practice safety

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Will Soil-Applied Herbicides Work in a Dry Year? (05/07/15)

Two questions are on farmers minds. First, how long will soil-applied herbicides ‘last’ in the soil if it doesn’t rain and second, should a farmer consider using a rotary hoe or drag harrow to incorporate herbicides?

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ent.jk.lady beetle adult

Good Bug Corner (05/07/15)

We will be running a “good” bug section in the newsletter this year to increase knowledge and identification of good or beneficial insects.

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Revised Handy Bt Trait Table for Corn (05/07/15)

This table summarizes the transgenic traits that are available in corn for insect and weed management. Dr. Chris DiFonzo, Field Crops Entomologist, of Michigan State University updates the table each year.

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Checking for Adequate Stands of Small Grains (05/07/15)

Plantings of small grains are ahead of average and have emerged in many fields. Though somewhat on the dry side, conditions have generally been good for small grain emergence.

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