Crop & Pest Report


Crop & Pest Report


Frost Damage (06/03/21)

During the early morning of Friday May 28, 2021, frost occurred in many parts of North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.

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Sugarbeet Root Maggot Update: Hot Weather Will Accelerate Fly Emergence (06/03/21)

Despite relatively low sugarbeet root maggot (SBRM) fly activity at this time, the anticipated streak of hot weather is likely to produce major surges in fly emergence and subsequent movement into beet fields in the next couple of days.

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IPM Crop Survey Starts in ND and MN (06/03/21)

For the 2021 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Crop Survey, six scouts and two insect trappers were hired in North Dakota and three scouts in Minnesota!

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Weather Forecast (05/27/21)

The May 20 to May 26, 2021 Weather Summary and Outlook

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Southwest ND (05/27/21)

Information from the Southwest region of North Dakota

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Crop Management Field School (05/27/21)

NDSU Extension’s annual crop management field school will be conducted on June 10 at the CREC.

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South-Central/Southeast ND (05/27/21)

Information from the South Central/Southeast region of North Dakota.

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Northwest ND (05/27/21)

Information from the Northwest region of North Dakota.

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Northeast ND (05/27/21)

Information from the Northeast region of North Dakota.

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North Central ND (05/27/21)

Information from the North Central region of North Dakota

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Early Season Defoliators on Trees (05/27/21)

We’ve begun to see the spring defoliators of trees show up this year.

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Eriophyid Mites on Conifers (05/27/21)

A recent spruce sample found Eriophyid mites feeding on the discolored needles.

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Dicamba Mixing Order for Xtend Soybeans (05/27/21)

Recently, my colleagues in the southern US have reported some issues on the commercial level when spray applicators are mixing dicamba formulations approved for use in Xtend soybean, glyphosate, and Sentris (a Volatility Reducing Agent/pH Modifier).

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Surface Urea- Some Good News, and Some Not So Much (05/27/21)

A great deal of urea was applied to the soil surface in North Dakota and the region this spring. A good portion of this was applied over a month ago.

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Selecting a Fungicide for Early-Season Wheat Diseases (05/27/21)

The decision to tank mix a fungicide with an early season herbicide will be occurring soon. The diseases targeted by this fungicide application are fungal leaf spots, including tan spot (primarily), Stagonospora nodorum blotch and Septoria tritici blotch.

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Stripe Rust Situation in the USA (05/27/21)

Stripe rust prevalence and distribution in the USA is starting to increase with fairly high levels in Kansas and Nebraska. Last week, stripe rust was confirmed along the Minnesota-South Dakota border (Jared Goplen – UMN Extension Crops Educator).

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Managing of Rhizoctonia Damping-off, Crown Rot and Root Rot of Sugarbeet (05/27/21)

Rhizoctonia solani causes Rhizoctonia damping-off and root rot diseases of sugarbeet.

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Sunflower Planting (05/27/21)

In North Dakota, sunflower planting can extend from mid-May until mid-June. As of May 23rd 30% of the sunflower acres in North Dakota were planted.

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Foxtail Millets for Hay (05/27/21)

Many areas of North Dakota have been under drought conditions for an extended period. Some livestock owners are starting to wonder about availability of hay for this year.

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Cutworm Scouting (05/27/21)

The first report of cutworms was reported this week in barley in Slope County, southwestern ND (Ryan Buetow, DREC).

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