Crop & Pest Report


Crop & Pest Report

South-Central/East ND (06/08/17)

Information from the South Central/East region of North Dakota.

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North Central ND (06/08/17)

Information from the North Central region of North Dakota.

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Drought Stress on Newly Planted Trees (06/08/17)

With nearly 1 quarter of North Dakota experiencing ‘moderate drought’ and the remainder of the state observing ‘abnormally dry’ conditions, recently planted trees may be suffering from drought stress.

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Waste Pesticide Collections Slated for July and August (06/08/17)

Farmers, ranchers, pesticide dealers and applicators, government agencies and homeowners with unusable pesticides can bring them to Project Safe Send. The collected pesticides are shipped out of state for incineration.

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Clarification of Adjuvant Use With Beyond in Wheat, Lentil, and Sunflower (06/08/17)

The following adjuvant clarifications were submitted by Dr. Brian Jenks, Weed Scientist at the North Central R&E Center in Minot and these recommendations supersede all adjuvant recommendations in the ND Weed Control Guide:

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Sprayer Calibration for Spot Spraying (06/08/17)

Question: I have been fighting a losing battle with leafy spurge for 49 years, starting with hiking up every drainage outlet with a backpack, using Tordon pellets, collecting hundreds of thousands of beetles, and grazing 1000 sheep several times a year, but the problem is worse than ever.

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How long can NBPT-Treated Urea Remain on the Soil Surface without Loss? (06/08/17)

Although a few areas of the state have received over ½ inch of rainfall in one event, many other areas have not.

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Nitrogen Does Not Increase Drought Stress (06/08/17)

A number of years ago, I had several grain producers earnestly tell me that they were reluctant to apply high N rates preplant because early vegetative growth caused by higher N results in earlier drought stress to small grains.

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Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) Risk (06/08/17)

A few winter wheat fields have headed in the state and will be approaching flowering soon.

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IPM Survey – Wheat Disease Update (06/08/17)

The IPM scouts visited 153 wheat fields in North Dakota over the past two weeks. Tan spot was observed in 13.1% of the scouted fields

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Damage from Blowing Soil Carrying Herbicides (06/08/17)

At one of our testing locations, significant leaf burn was noted on both corn and soybean.

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Sugarbeet Root Maggot Alert: High Fly Activity Expected During Next Five Days (06/08/17)

Recent periods of hot weather have accelerated the accumulation of root maggot growing degree day (DD) units.

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Watch Field Edges for Grasshoppers (06/08/17)

Hot and droughty weather is favorable for grasshoppers! So, it is important to watch grasshopper nymphs (young grasshoppers) that are active in field ditches and starting to move into field edges.

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Biocontrol of Leafy Spurge Using Aphthona Flea Beetles (06/08/17)

It’s early for collecting and releasing leaf spurge flea beetles for biocontrol of the noxious weed leafy spurge. But, we’ve already had some calls / questions about it.

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Canola Flea Beetles Peak Emergence (06/08/17)

Crucifer and stripped flea beetles are peaking or just past peak in NC and NE canola growing areas as reported by T.J. Prochaska at NCREC and L. Lubenow at LREC.

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New Cutworm Publication in Canada (06/08/17)

A new publication titled ‘Cutworm Pests of Crops on the Canadian Prairies - Identification and Management Field Guide’ has been written for Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba and adjacent states in the USA.

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Northwest ND (06/08/17)

Information from the Northwest region of North Dakota.

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Wait to Clip Drought-Stressed Alfalfa (06/08/17)

Many parts of the state where alfalfa is grown are experiencing moderate to severe drought, which is causing spring alfalfa growth to wilt and shoots and leaves to dry.

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Addition to Last Week’s Question and Answer (06/08/17)

Question: What preemergence herbicides can I use on potato if I want to plant sugarbeets next year?

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Soybean Plant Establishment (06/08/17)

Soybean is most commonly planted using a row crop planter, grain drill, or air seeder. Many growers in North Dakota use narrow soybean row spacings to achieve advantages, which include: reduced soil erosion, early crop canopy closure, increased seed yield, and increased harvest efficiency.

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