Crop & Pest Report


Crop & Pest Report

IPM Survey – Small Grain Disease Report (07/03/14)

Scouts were able to visit 162 wheat fields and 19 barley fields last week. Tan spot was recorded in 103 wheat fields and severity levels have increased compared to previous weeks.

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ppth.markell.delrio.fig1.sclerotinia sr june.26 map

White Mold of Canola – Risk Map and Risk Calculator (07/03/14)

As canola enters bloom, the crop becomes susceptible to white mold. Fungicides are available that can help manage the disease, so the important decision many growers will face is whether or not the environment is favorable for infection and disease development.

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plsc.robinson.fig 1a lb lesion potato leaflet

Keep a Close Eye Out for Late Blight (07/03/14)

Severity values for late blight have increased quite rapidly over the past two weeks.

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plsc.ransom.yellowing corn moisture

Too Much Rain? (07/03/14)

As a result of the recent and almost constant rain in many regions of the state, one can see the evidence of too much soil moisture.

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plsc.kandel.water table observation

Optimizing Water Table Management (07/03/14)

The early part of the 2014 growing season has brought significant precipitation events throughout North Dakota as well as northwestern Minnesota, resulting in excessively wet fields.

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Aster Leafhoppers Update (07/03/14)

Aster leafhoppers were found in only 20% of the canola field surveyed from June 21-25 in North Dakota and Minnesota.

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ent.knodel.2013 wheat midge larval survey

Increased Risk For Wheat Midge In NC ND (07/03/14)

Soil samples in North Dakota indicate increasing levels of overwintering wheat midge larvae (cocoons) in localized areas for the 2014 season.

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Scout for Colorado Potato Beetles (07/03/14)

Adult Colorado potato beetles are emerging now from overwintering sites. The adult is 3/8 inch long, with oval body and a yellow-brown with 5 black stripes on each wing cover.

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ent.knodel.dd leafy spurge beetles

Degree Day Update for Leafy Spurge Flea Beetles (07/03/14)

The updated degree day map for leafy spurge flea beetles (Aphthona species) indicates that land managers can scout and/or collect adult flea beetles in North Dakota, based on the sunflower GDD model from NDAWN.

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ent.knodel.hessian fly larva

Hessian Fly Infestation in SW ND (07/03/14)

An isolated Hessian fly infestation was found in Syngenta’s hard red spring wheat variety trial near Beach in SW ND.

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Weather/Crop Phenology Maps (06/26/14)

Maps detailing corn accumulated daily growing days, percent normal rainfall, departure from normal average air temperature, and accumulated wheat growing degree days.

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Spraying Weeds in Less Than Optimum Environmental Conditions (06/26/14)

Most areas of Eastern North Dakota and Minnesota have received excessive amounts of rainfall in June.

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Strategies for Controlling Emerged Weeds in Sugarbeet Fields (06/26/14)

Weeds continue to emerge and are actively growing in sugarbeet fields in Eastern North Dakota and Minnesota as a result of recent widespread precipitation.

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wsi.zollinger.palmer.amaranth.poinsettia appearance

Weed Watch: Palmer Amaranth (06/26/14)

This may possibly be the most important Crop and Pest Report article (weeds) written in the 2014 cropping year.

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Soybean Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (06/26/14)

On my way to and from Devils Lake today, nearly every field of soybean had symptoms of iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC). Therefore, a short review is in order.

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Sulfur Deficiency in Valley High Clay Soils (06/26/14)

I have stated at many meetings that the high clay soils in the Red River Valley are high enough in organic matter and have a high enough sulfatic water table that sulfur fertilization is not needed. However...

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Slow Release Fix for N Issues? (06/26/14)

The row crops in our region look as poor now as in 2011, our last perpetually wet spring.

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Considering Cover Crops on Prevented Plant Ground (06/26/14)

With prevented planting (PP) more common throughout North Dakota, using cover crops to prepare the land for next year is a desirable option.

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Blackleg on Canola (06/26/14)

Crop scouts are reporting low incidence of canola blackleg in Bottineau County.

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