Crop & Pest Report


Crop & Pest Report


Foxtail Barley Control (08/13/15)

At this time of the year foxtail barley is in full view along roads, in ditches and on field perimeters.

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Strip-till (08/13/15)

To make strip-till practical in the Valley, follow the combine with the strip-till machine. Fertilizer P and K can be applied, and wait until at least the 1st of October to apply fall ammonia, and only then when soil temperatures taken between 6-8AM fall to 50 degrees F.

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A Look Back at Side-Dress (08/13/15)

It is satisfying to see side-dress become more common in ND on soils with a high susceptibility to in-season N loss from leaching or denitrification. As plans are made this winter on strategies for next season, please consider the following:

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Prevent Plant Acres (08/13/15)

There are some growers that are seeding cover crops into prevent plant acres, while others I think enjoy seeing their topsoil blow away during the winter and spring.

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Soil Sampling Following Early Crop Harvest (08/13/15)

Soil sampling is encouraged immediately following early crop harvest, including winter wheat, barley, spring wheat, any wheat, rye, canola and early flax. The following are concepts to keep in your head during interpretation for next years’ crop:

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Scout for Goss’s Wilt and Leaf Blight in Corn (08/13/15)

Over the past two weeks, areas of the state have encountered rain events with high winds and hail. The wind and hail has caused leaf and stem injury in the crops and increases the risk of bacterial disease development.

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Heat Will Express Root Rots (08/13/15)

Less frequent rains and high temperatures are going to stress plants with root problems. Root rot infections often occur early in the growing season, particularly when the soil is wet.

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Monitoring for Sunflower Rust (08/13/15)

I have had received fewer reports on sunflower rust than on dry edible bean rust, however, conditions for rust development have been very favorable in much of the state.

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Dry Edible Bean Rust Continues to Develop (08/13/15)

Frequent dews and warm temperatures continue to provide a favorable environment for rust to develop on dry edible beans.

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Tips for Planting Winter Wheat in 2015 (08/13/15)

For those planning on planting winter wheat this fall, it is time to start preparing. There are many reason why including winter wheat into your cropping mix can be a good choice.

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On Farm SARE Research Grants for Producers (08/13/15)

Nearly all producers are experimenting with new products and methods during every growing season. However, in order to reach conclusions about the effectiveness of what was done different, there needs to be a standard to compare the results of the new with the old treatment.

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Sunflower Insect Traps (08/13/15)

Banded sunflower moth traps continue to have high trap counts, >100 moth per trap per week, in most sunflower producing areas.

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Good Bug Corner – Tachinid Flies (08/13/15)

This week’s Good Bug Corner featured insects are the Tachinid flies in the insect family Tachinidae. The adult fly feeds on nectar of flowers and honeydew from aphids or scale insects.

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Hessian Fly Damaged Wheat (08/13/15)

Several emails and calls about lodged wheat from Hessian fly infestations have been reported in primarily Pembina and Williams counties.

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2.ent.knodel.aphid map 1

Soybean Aphids & Hot Temperatures (08/13/15)

Soybean aphids increased with the favorable temperatures in the low 80s F last week. However, the recent hot weather (>90 F), will slow population growth.

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White Butterflies Flying Around (08/13/15)

I’ve received many calls and emails about all of the white butterflies flying around ditches, canola, alfalfa and other areas and whether they are an insect pest.

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Weather/Crop Phenology Maps (08/06/15)

Maps detailing corn accumulated daily growing days, percent normal rainfall, departure from normal average air temperature, and accumulated wheat growing degree days.

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Southwest ND (08/06/15)

Information from the Southwest region of North Dakota

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South Central ND (08/06/15)

Information from the South Central region of North Dakota.

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