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Crop & Pest Report


North Central ND (09/10/15)

Information from the North Central region of North Dakota.

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We’re not Iowa (09/10/15)

I think many consultants and growers understand that just because we grow corn and soybeans we are not Iowa, but some appear to be confused. There are two important differences that I need to stress for those who think the capital of North Dakota is Des Moines, and both are related.

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IPM Survey – Wheat and Sunflower Disease Summary of 2015 (09/10/15)

There were several diseases detected in wheat and sunflower this year. Some diseases were found consistently throughout the state, while other diseases were more localized to a particular region. Regardless, the timely information obtained by the scouts is critical in updating growers and agricultural professionals throughout the state. Below is a summary of the disease data from the 2015 growing season for wheat and sunflowers.

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Late Season Soybean Stem Diseases (09/10/15)

We are seeing several late-season stem diseases show up in North Dakota; notably, brown stem rot and charcoal rot. As a result, I am reprinting this article from last year.

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Thinking about Sampling for SCN? (09/10/15)

Soybean cyst nematode can cause 15-30% yield loss before any above ground symptoms appear and we know that it is spreading in North Dakota. Whether or not you take advantage of the North Dakota Soybean Council sampling program, we encourage soybean growers to sample for SCN.

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2015 Soybean Cyst Nematode Sampling Program (09/10/15)

The NDSU Extension Service and the North Dakota Soybean Council are working together to coordinate a SCN soil testing reimbursement program again in 2015.

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Protect Your Investments from Cercospora Leaf Spot (09/10/15)

Although we have had a warm and relatively wet July and August, Cercospora leaf spot was not a major problem in most production areas early in the season up to mid-August.

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Weather/Crop Phenology Maps (08/27/15)

Maps detailing corn accumulated daily growing days, percent normal rainfall, departure from normal average air temperature, and accumulated wheat growing degree days.

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Row Crop Tour at Carrington REC on Sept. 3 (08/27/15)

This year’s event will have two parts: a one-hour tour beginning at 3:15 p.m. and the main tour at 4:30.

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Southwest ND (08/27/15)

Information from the Southwest region of North Dakota

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South Central ND (08/27/15)

Information from the South Central region of North Dakota.

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Northeast ND (08/27/15)

Information from the Northeast region of North Dakota.

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Consider Pros, Cons of Alternative Grain Storage Methods (08/27/15)

With some of last year's grain crop still in storage and a bumper crop expected this year, the demand for grain storage is high.

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Review Your Weeds Management Strategy Before and at Harvest (08/27/15)

Wheat has been harvested and sugarbeet farmers are participating in the preharvest campaign. And corn and soybean harvest will be right around the corner.

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2015 Soybean Iron-Deficiency Chlorosis Ratings Available (08/27/15)

Iron-deficiency chlorosis (IDC) in soybean was a major problem early during the 2015 growing season in eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.

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ent.knodel.3.soybean aphid map

Soybean Aphid Decline (08/27/15)

Soybean aphids are decreasing or stagnant in most soybean fields. You can see this in the final soybean aphid map (below) from the IPM scouting program.

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Manage Insect Pest Problems in Grain Bins (08/27/15)

This article is worth repeating - the importance of getting bins ready for grain storage to minimize insect pest problems in bins (2013 Crop & Pest Report).

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Good Bug Corner - Good Bugs and Fungi (08/27/15)

This week’s Good Bug Corner features several good bugs and fungal pathogens.

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