Crop & Pest Report


Crop & Pest Report


Wheat Foliar Disease Update – IPM Survey (07/21/16)

The IPM scouts are reporting increasing levels of foliar diseases in the wheat crop.

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Conditions are Favorable for Sunflower and Dry Edible Bean Rusts (07/21/16)

Heavy and/or frequent dews and warm temperatures provide a favorable environment for both sunflower rust and for dry edible bean rust.

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Green Snap in Corn (07/21/16)

After the recent weather systems that moved through North Dakota, there were reports of green snap on corn in several region of the state.

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Red Sunflower Seed Weevil Threshold for 2016 (07/21/16)

I’ve updated this scouting article on red sunflower seed weevil (RSSW) from last year’s Crop & Pest Report.

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Sunflower Insect Traps (07/21/16)

Pheromone traps run by the IPM Survey scouts showed higher numbers of banded sunflower moths located in southeast and north central North Dakota and increasing numbers of sunflower moths in north central North Dakota.

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Soybean Aphids - IPM Scouting Reports (07/21/16)

Over 100 fields were scouted by the IPM Scouts for soybean aphids the last two weeks.

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Soybean Aphid Economic Threshold (07/21/16)

I have received questions about the soybean aphid economic threshold, and some have suggested that the threshold be lowered.

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Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) Risk for Late-seeded Small Grains (07/14/16)

Several late-seeded spring wheat fields in ND will be approaching flowering soon.

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Fungicide Use on Hail Damaged Corn and Soybeans (07/14/16)

Last week several areas in North Dakota received significant rainfall and severe hail events. Hail damage in crops ranged from severe to complete defoliation.

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Mid-Season Drought Effects On Corn (07/14/16)

Rainfall has been widespread this past week, providing much needed moisture in many areas of the state.

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Hail Damage Estimates on Corn (07/14/16)

With the recent weather events that have moved through the region there were reports of hail damage to corn in the state.

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Sunflower Insect Trap Update (07/14/16)

The sunflower moth migrates into ND each year from the south.

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Weather/Crop Phenology Maps (07/14/16)

Maps detailing corn accumulated daily growing days, percent normal rainfall, departure from normal average air temperature, and accumulated wheat growing degree days.

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South Central ND (07/14/16)

Information from the South Central region of North Dakota.

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Increasing Levels of Root Rot Observed in Lentils in NW ND (07/14/16)

Analysis of root rot samples collected during field scouting (Adam Carlson, NDSU & Kim Zitnick, NDSU) has revealed increasing incidence and severity of root rot in lentils across northwest ND.

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Waterhemp Moves North and West (07/14/16)

Waterhemp was identified at multiple locations in the vicinity of the Red River near ND 17 (east of Grafton, ND) in 2015.

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Wheat Midge Trapping (07/14/16)

The wheat midge pheromone trap monitoring network using the PestWeb system (Montana State University) indicates that numbers of wheat midge increased slightly; however, most traps sites are considered low.

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Scout for Banded Sunflower Moth (07/14/16)

Banded sunflower moths usually emerge from the soil about mid-July.

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Southwest ND (07/14/16)

Information from the Southwest region of North Dakota.

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