Crop & Pest Report


Crop & Pest Report

Northeast ND (07/12/18)

Information from the Northeast region of North Dakota.

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Northwest ND (07/12/18)

Information from the Northwest region of North Dakota.

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North Central ND (07/12/18)

Information from the North Central region of North Dakota

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Why is my Pigweed Different than your Pigweed? (07/12/18)

Every field season creates interesting observations that reestablishes normal. One observation in 2018 is the redistribution of weeds.

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Resources for Coping with Pesticide Damage - Includes Additional Tools For 2018 (07/12/18)

Whether it is spraying the wrong field, not cleaning the sprayer sufficiently, drift to sensitive crops/plants, or taking out a garden-all of these reasons, and many more, can cause major problems.

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Wheat Disease Update (07/12/18)

Common Foliar Diseases, Rust Diseases, Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) Risk

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Managing Cercospora Leaf Spot of Sugarbeet (07/12/18)

Cercospora leaf spot (CLS) (Figure 1) is the most destructive foliar disease of sugarbeet in North Dakota and Minnesota.

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Pulse Crop Update (07/12/18)

Pea fields in the northwest part of the state have reached early to late reproductive growth stages.

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Protein Premiums and Discounts in Spring Wheat (07/12/18)

In my contribution to the Crop and Pest Report two weeks ago, I described a decision support system for determining when a post-anthesis application of nitrogen might be profitable.

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Hail Damage in Beans and Sunflower (07/12/18)

Every growing season usually has several severe thunderstorms, which sometimes result in crop damaging hail.

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jan 6

Mystery Bug (07/12/18)

This insect was observed on sunflower near the field edge. What is it?

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jan 5

European Corn Borer Emerging (07/12/18)

NDSU Extension Entomology set up a European corn borer (ECB) trap network using pheromone traps to monitor populations in conventional field corn this year.

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jan 4

Soybean Aphids Low (07/12/18)

The IPM Survey and other field reports on soybean aphid counts are low, about 10% of plants in field infested and an average of <10 aphids per plant in ND.

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jan 3

Scout for Grasshoppers and Armyworms in Wheat (07/12/18)

Isolated hot spots of grasshoppers and armyworms were reported in wheat from southeastern ND. Some fields needed to be treated with insecticides.

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jan 1

Wheat Midge Flight Ending (07/12/18)

For wheat midge emergence, accumulated degree days have reached more than 1800.

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Weather Forecast (07/12/18)

The July 12 through July 18, 2018 Weather Summary and Outlook

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Weather Forecast (07/05/18)

The July 5 through July 11, 2018 Weather Summary and Outlook

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Southwest ND (07/05/18)

Information from the Southwest region of North Dakota.

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South-Central/East ND (07/05/18)

Information from the South Central/East region of North Dakota.

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Northeast ND (07/05/18)

Information from the Northeast region of North Dakota.

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