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Winter Weather: Kids Won’t Want to Waste a Flake

A warm sweater and slippers, a toasty cup of cocoa, a good book or movie all sound like the perfect weekend plan to many adults who have to battle the elements all week getting people to school, work and childcare. Kids on the other hand are excited for the snow and all the fun that comes with the fluffy white stuff.

Kids winter funChildren love to spend time with their favorite adults. Spending time outdoors together adds even more opportunities for discovery as the landscape changes from day to day with fresh snow or melting snow. Show your child how to make a snowball, snow person, snow village, snow angel or if you are really ambitious, a whole snow fort. Start small and keep adding as winter drops more building materials!

Don’t wait till January 1 to resolve to eat better and move more, start now before unhealthy habits have a chance to add that first winter pound. Many adults lack the proper play clothes for prolonged outdoor play.  Remember to dress yourself and your children in layers. Warm socks, real winter boots, snow pants, coats, hats that cover ears and cheeks, mittens and scarves are a must to cover tender skin in our harsh elements.

For young children, the very activity of getting dressed for outdoor play is good practice and the fresh air, even for just a few minutes of outdoor play is worth the effort. If you are really lucky it can lead to a refreshing nap!    

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