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The Period of PURPLE Crying

All too often, we see news reports of a parent, friend or relative who was caring for a young infant and has shaken the child, causing lifelong disabilities, seizures or even death.

The reporter generally quotes the adult as saying, “The baby just wouldn’t stop crying.”

The “Period of PURPLE Crying” is that time in a baby’s development between 2 weeks and 5 months of age where, at times, the crying can be nearly unbearable to the child’s parents or other caregivers.

The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome has resources to help parents and other caregivers understand their baby’s crying to alleviate the frustration that comes when a baby is crying frequently and the parent feels hopeless to help. Parents who are concerned about their baby’s crying are encouraged to check with their healthcare provider.  To find out what PURPLE stands for, watch Dr. Ronald Barr explain more at

Source: , NDSU Family Science Specialist, 701.231.7450.

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