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Farming and Ranching in Tough Times

Farmers/ranchers and their family members experience pressure from all directions. While all of us must contend with economic ups and downs or family concerns, farmers have added uncertainties such as the weather and commodity prices that directly influence their lives and farming operations.

Farm/ranch stress stirs up many images: racing to town to buy spare parts (and finding they have to be ordered), listening to the radio and hearing the market drop daily (and your bins still are filled with last year’s crop), rushing to get the hay baled before a storm, or listening to a spouse’s frustration with long hours and limited family time. You may find yourself getting more and more frustrated, irritated, or just worn out and discouraged. Yet you are unlikely to reveal the stresses you face or the frustrations you feel as you meet again with the loan officer.

Farm/ranch families often experience pressure, conflict and uncertainty, especially during harvesting and planting. If feelings of frustration and helplessness build up, they can lead to intense family problems involving spouses or partners, children, parents and other relatives. If left unresolved, these feelings can lead to costly accidents, poor decisions, strained relationships, health concerns and deaths. However, you have things you can do to feel better and find help if you need it.

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