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Introduction and Overview

A child's beginning represents the foundation upon which a happy life is established. A child's beginning serves as the birthplace upon which a healthy civilization is built. Good beginnings beget good journeys. Parents, grandparents and other adults play the most critical role in the type of beginning children experience.

Child Painting

In this process, important questions arise for parents and care providers to consider. How important are the early years of a child's life? Why? What is a parent's role? How do you understand and enhance a young child's growth and development? These and other questions are central to discovering how to help children have a good beginning, a happy beginning, a bright beginning.

Encouraged by ground-breaking research on the importance of young children's development, this curriculum focuses on key aspects of a child's growth and development. It also describes practical approaches for parents and other adults to understand and enhance such growth and development. The past three decades have seen a transformation in our scientific understanding of the significance of a child's early years. Research into brain development, parent-child attachment, prenatal health, social development, children and play, and other topics has resulted in an explosion of knowledge about the absolute need to help young children have a good beginning in life.

The Bright Beginnings curriculum includes the following:

  • 10 Lesson Modules, including presenter's guide, lesson outline, lesson evaluation, reference list, resource page, participant handouts, and lesson overheads
  • Ideas on how to use the curriculum
  • Tips on teaching the curriculum
  • Evaluation tools

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