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Instructional Guide

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Instructional Guide for Usage

The Bright Beginnings lesson modules and accompanying materials may be adapted to a variety of educational settings. The length of lessons may range from 30 minutes to two hours.

The common theme of the curriculum makes it ideal for use as an in-depth parenting course for parents of young children and is most effective if all lesson modules are offered over a number of weeks or months. However, the Bright Beginnings curriculum was also designed to meet the needs of educators and others who need flexibility in the use of their content materials. Each lesson module in the curriculum can be an independent unit that is taught singly or in combination with other lesson modules.Smiling Brother and Sister

Format of the Curriculum

Each of the 10 lesson modules in the curriculum is designed to facilitate an educational approach that is in-depth, interactive, and flexible to the needs of the educational setting. Educators using the material should familiarize themselves with each lesson module thoroughly prior to its use. Each lesson module contains the following key components:

  • Presenter's Guide
    • Includes lesson overview, learner outcomes, materials needed and list of handouts and overhead
  • Lesson Outline
  • Lesson Evaluation
  • Reference List
  • Resource Page
    • Includes listing of additional books and articles, videos, Web sites, and organizations to access for further in-depth information.
  • Participant Handouts
  • Lesson Overheads

Using the Curriculum

How might the lesson materials in the Bright Beginnings parenting curriculum be used? Requests for its use have already included such formats as:

  • A series of parenting workshops through the Parent-Teacher Association of an urban kindergarten center.
  • A parent education class through a local community education program.
  • An in-depth training course for child care providers.
  • A promotional booth at a regional parents' fair.
  • Individual lessons offered to parents through local programs such as Head Start.

Teaching the Curriculum

In teaching the Bright Beginnings curriculum, individuals will be most successful if they have familiarized themselves with the lesson materials and prepared the educational setting. Here are some tips to prepare for a quality educational experience:

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Prior to offering a class:

  • Distribute information advertising the class in appropriate venues (newsletter, newspaper, etc.).
  • Set specific time and location.
  • Arrange for equipment needed, materials, or other details. Review presenter's guide.
  • Thoroughly review material to be presented and discussed.
  • Copy participant handouts and lesson evaluation to be used. Make sure overhead copies have been made.
  • Organize refreshments if they are to be offered, child care arrangements, or any other needs.

At the time of the class:

  • Arrive early (20-30 minutes) and arrange presentation materials or equipment as needed.
  • Arrange class setting so it is comfortable and participants can see each other for discussions.
  • Greet participants as they arrive and use name tags if possible.
  • Begin on time, stay on schedule, and close on time.
  • Invite participants to introduce themselves. Conduct the opening activity or discussion.
  • Explain any ground rules for the class. These may include opportunity for each person to talk (or not), need for mutual respect, and avoidance of criticism or judgment of others.
  • Encourage participants to ask questions and share comments.
  • Spend as much time in discussion, problem solving or learning activities as in lecture.
  • Take appropriate short breaks as needed.
  • Conduct the lesson evaluation or other evaluations at the conclusion.
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