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Evaluation Tools and Strategies

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Bright Beginnings is an educational curriculum intended to help parents and caregivers build a sound foundation for raising happy and well-adjusted children.

Understanding how an educational program is used and the results of the program for participants is a key part of the educational process. We have identified several evaluation tools and strategies for use with the Bright Beginnings program.

Please help us to continue to track program efforts by sending completed evaluation forms to:

NDSU Extension Service HDFS
EML Hall 383
Dept 7260, PO Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050

A summary of each evaluation tool and how it can be used is given below.

Sample Evaluation Forms

Program Usage Form

This form is intended to provide information about how the program is being used. The form should be completed and returned by the facilitator / instructor:

  1. After using the curriculum in a single lesson, a series, or a whole program, or
  2. To report other uses of the curriculum material, such as in news columns, radio programs, displays, parent support groups, or other presentations.

Story Reporting Form

This form is intended to collect qualitative stories or anecdotes about program impacts or results shared by participants or facilitators. Facilitators can use this form to gather qualitative feedback about program experiences directly from participants or they may fill it out personally.

Individual Lesson Evaluation

Each specific lesson in the curriculum has its own evaluation form included at the end of each lesson. This form is for participants to complete at the end of a lesson, whether it is used individually or in a series.

Program Evaluation

This is the most important part of the evaluation project. A set of evaluation tools is included with the curriculum to use with participants before and after a program has been completed. These tools can help to understand impacts of the program related to changes in attitudes, knowledge or behavior.

A variety of evaluation tools are provided so that programs might have different options to meet their particular needs. The tools are:

  • Bright Beginnings Program Evaluation Form
    This 1-page form is meant to be used with all evaluation efforts.
  • Participant Information Form
    This 1-page form makes it possible to collect some demographic information on program participants.
  • Program Evaluation - Single Retrospective Form
    This 3-page form can be given once at the end of a program and used to gather both general and retrospective information about the program impact.
  • Program Evaluation - General Form
    This 1-page form can be used at the end of a program to gather general information about the program impact.
  • Program Evaluation - Pre and Post Tests
    These two 2-page forms can be used together to conduct a pre- and post-test of the program impact.
  • Program Evaluation - Qualitative Form
    This 3-page form can be used before or after a program to gather information about participant comprehension and retention of concepts.


The information above provides an outline of reasons for evaluation and the tools provided in the Bright Beginnings curriculum to be used for evaluation purposes. Please contact us for more information about our research and to learn about partnership opportunities.


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