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If Meals Were More Fun

Shared mealtimes with family members seem to be going the way of the dinosaur for many American households. Children’s extracurricular schedules, parents working all hours, the intrusion of technology on mealtimes — all of these and other obstacles seem to interfere with shared family meals. At times, wrangling shared meals back into the family schedule almost seems an impossible task, yet clever parents are bringing back the family table.

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Supporting Emotional and Behavioral Health

When stressful times occur, it is important to consider the emotional and behavioral health needs of the individuals around us.

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Farming and Ranching in Tough Times

Farmers/ranchers and their family members experience pressure from all directions. While all of us must contend with economic ups and downs or family concerns, farmers have added uncertainties such as the weather and commodity prices that directly influence their lives and farming operations.

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Sean Brotherson

Father Involvement and the Future of Children and Families

Q: Why is father involvement a topic of social concern in America today?

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Powerful Tools for Caregivers Program Grows in ND

NDSU Extension Service was pleased to conduct a Powerful Tools for Caregivers Class Leader Training in Fargo on June 27 & 28, 2016. Extension FCS Agents and community educators/volunteers from across the state attended this 2-day workshop to become certified to offer this education to family caregivers in their respective communities.

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Picture the person you might think of as stubborn, obstinate, uncompromising, adamant, hard-headed, insistent or unrelenting. Do you have someone in mind? Now think about a person who you would call determined, unwavering, strong-minded, gritty, persistent, firm, steadfast, resolute or persevering. What about now? Do you have someone in mind?

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Can We Talk? Making Couple Communication Effective

You cannot not communicate. It’s a rule. It’s a law of the universe. It’s a reality.

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How Much is Too Much?

All I want for (insert occasion here) is one of these, and one of these, and, oh! All of these! Please? (Picture adorable face of child, grandchild, nephew or niece, eyes wide, smiling hopefully.)

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Family Caregiver study

ND Family Caregiver Supports and Services Study

What is North Dakota doing to address the needs of family caregivers of older adults? Take a look at the final report of a five-month long study on family caregiver supports and services conducted by NDSU Department of Human Development & Family Science and NDSU Extension Service.

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Advance Care Planning: Making preparations in the event life changes unexpectedly.

YouTube video of the Health Care Directive session held on April 26, 2016. The featured speaker is Barb Hanson, RN, BSN, Faith Community Nurse at Sanford Health, Fargo. She shares valuable information on Health Care Directives, such as: 1) What is a Health Care Directive?; 2) Who needs one?, and 3) How can I write one?

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Protect Yourself from Senior Financial Exploitation

What exactly is financial exploitation? Financial exploitation occurs when someone illegally or improperly uses an older adult’s money or belongings for his or her personal use. Financial exploitation is the fastest growing type of elder abuse.

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How to Avoid Health Fraud

My elderly mother lives alone and her health is failing. I’m concerned about her being scammed by con artists. What are the most frequent types of health scams experienced by seniors?

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Are You Interested in a Longer, Healthier Life?

Have you ever wondered how long you might live? There are tools available, called life-expectancy calculators, that can provide an estimate based on health, habits, socioeconomic status and family history.

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Holiday Visits: How to Begin Conversations With Aging Family Members

With the holiday season fast approaching, many families are traveling to spend time with parents and relatives. In addition to enjoying holiday gatherings, festive meals and favorite family traditions, the holidays may be one of the few opportunities for adult children to talk with their parents about important age-related topics (just don’t talk at the dinner table; wait for a quiet, relaxed time).

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Smart Choice Health Insurance Workbook

NDSU Extension has a helpful Smart Choice Health Insurance Workbook available to assist consumers as they make important Health Insurance plan choices.

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