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Animal Science

Beef production systems

Integrated beef production                                                        2008 pdf

Whole-enterprise management system:  Model Farm                 2006 webpage   2005 webpage

Fall calving in North Dakota                                                      1998 webpage



Supplementation and serum and semen characteristics              2019 pdf

Sertoli and germ cell counting techniques                                  2018 pdf              

Bull fertility and fine-needle aspiration                                        2016 pdf

Testicular development and vitamin A                                         2016 pdf


Injectable trace minerals and pregnancy rates                            2018 pdf

AI vs natural service and heifer development                               2014 pdf

AI vs natural service and pregnancy characteristics                    2012 pdf   2011 pdf

AI vs natural service and steer backgrounding                            2012 pdf


Pasture vs dry lot and reproductive performance                         2014 pdf

Eyelid pigmentation and udder traits                                         2018 pdf

Temperament and genetic merit                                                2018 pdf   2017 pdf


CGREC herd performance – 2012 to 2017                                 2018 pdf              


Fetal programming

Vitamin and mineral supplementation                                       2020 pdf

Supplementation in early gestation                                          2020 pdf   2019 pdf and 2019 pdf

Maternal nutritional status and fructose                                    2016 pdf

Maternal nutritional status and nutrient transporters                  2016 pdf


Feeding trials

Bale-grazing vs. dry lot                                                           2020 pdf

Winter bale grazing and supplementation                                 2020 pdf


Supplementation and milk production                                      2020 pdf  

DDGS and growth, carcass and meat quality                           2012 pdf   2011 pdf

Ethanol coproducts for cattle feed                                           2007 webpage

Limit-feeding grain in forage shortage                                       2006 webpage

Self-limiting supplements on native range                                 1999 webpage

Protein supplementation of fall calving beef cows                      1998 webpage


Creep feeder behavior, gain and feed efficiency                          2017 pdf

Flax in creep feed                                                                   2003 webpage

Pressed block and salt-limited pellets in creep feed                   2001 webpage

Creep feeding fall born calves                                                   1998 webpage


Monitoring mineral intake with an electronic feeder                     2019 pdf

Electronic feeders and ear tags                                                2018 pdf


Animal health and nutrition

Forage sampling strategies                                                      2018 pdf


Injectable vitamins and selenium and growth                              2011 pdf

Implants and performance of heifers                                          2004 webpage

Parasite load in steers on pasture                                             2015 pdf

Parasite treatment for cow-calf herds                                         2002 webpage                                             



AI vs natural service and steer backgrounding                             2012 pdf

Wheat middlings in backgrounding diet                                      2001 webpage   2000 pdf



Marker-assisted management to maximize carcass traits           2019 pdf   2018 pdf

Implant strategies and feedlot performance                                2014 pdf

Heifer bull project: calving ease, finishing, economics                2010 pdf   2009 pdf  

Use of ethanol by-products in finishing rations                           2005 webpage   2004 webpage

Low input cattle finishing                                                         2002 webpage   2001 webpage

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