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2018 Annual Report

Complete report pdf 11MBFront page 2018 Annual Report


Summary of the Year and Weather pdf 456KB

Staff and Advisory Board pdf 635KB


Supplementation of Beef Cattle Bale Grazing Grass Hay in Winter: Effects on Animal Performance and Soil Nutrients pdf 1.5MB

Michael Undi and Stephanie Becker


Performance of Beef Cattle Overwintered on Bale-grazed Pasture or in a Dry Lot in South-central North Dakota pdf 720 KB

Michael Undi and Stephanie Becker


Supplementing Cattle Grazing Corn Residue with a Lick Tub pdf 815KB

Michael Undi and Stephanie Becker


Comparison of Forage Sampling Strategies to Monitor Native Range Pasture Chemical Composition, Forage Intake and Digestibility During the Grazing Season pdf 1MB

Michael Undi, Stephanie Becker, Carl Dahlen and Kevin Sedivec


Alfalfa Variety Trial pdf 838KB

Scott Alm


Winter Grazing Beef Cows on Swath Corn pdf 759KB

Scott Alm and Kevin Sedivec


Alternative Grazing Management Strategies Combat Invasive Kentucky Bluegrass Dominance  pdf 1.5MB

Megan Dornbusch, Ryan Limb and Kevin Sedivec


Fuel Characteristics of a Kentucky Bluegrass Monoculture Indicate Potential Changes in Invaded Fuel Beds pdf 781KB

Megan Dornbusch and Ryan Limb


Avian Nest Survival in a Patch-burn Grazing System pdf 894KB

Cameron Duquette and Torre Hovick


Breeding Bird Community Composition in a Patch-burn Grazing System pdf 717KB

Cameron Duquette and Torre Hovick


Bumblebee Resource Use in Rangelands Managed With Patch-burn Grazing pdf 1.5MB

Cameron Duquette and Torre Hovick


Butterfly Community Response to Cattle Management Strategies pdf 512KB

Brooke Karasch and Torre Hovick


Monarch and Regal Fritillary Behaviors in Grasslands with Restored Fire Regimes pdf 677KB

Brooke Karasch and Torre Hovick


Soil Nutrient and Microbial Response to Kentucky Bluegrass Invasion and Land Management Techniques pdf 809KB

Leslie Gerhard, Caley Gasch and Kevin Sedivec


Cattle Respond to Higher-quality Forage Under Patch-burn Grazing on Kentucky Bluegrass-invaded Rangeland pdf 607KB

Micayla Lakey and Devan McGranahan


GPS Collars Allow Cattle to Tell Us How They Use Their Pasture pdf 619KB

Devan Allen McGranahan


Examining Marker-assisted Management as a Strategy in Precision Agriculture to Maximize Carcass Traits in Beef Cattle pdf 622KB

Jerica Hall and Alison Ward


Utilizing an Electronic Feeder and Ear Tag Accelerometer to Measure Mineral and Energy Supplement Intake and Reproductive Behavior in Beef Heifers Grazing Native Range pdf 829KB

Kacie L. McCarthy, Sarah R. Underdahl, Michael Undi, Stephanie Becker and Carl R. Dahlen


The Effects of Injectable Trace Mineral Supplements in Donor Cows at the Initiation of a Superovulation Protocol on Embryo Production and Pregnancy Rates in Recipient Females pdf 794KB

Felipe A. C. C. da Silva, Nicolas N. Pereira, Bethany J. Funnell, Mellissa R. Crosswhite, Kacie L. McCarthy, Sarah R. Underdahl, Friederike Baumgaertner, Brian W. Neville, Kevin K. Sedivec, Darrel Degrofft and Carl R. Dahlen


Comparison of Fine-needle Aspiration and Tissue Sections to Determine Sertoli and Germ Cell Counts in Prepubertal Beef Bulls pdf 701KB

Nicolas Negrin Pereira, , Pawel Borowicz, Kevin Sedivec, Jordan Flaten, James D. Kirsch, Cody Wieland, Stephanie Becker and Carl R. Dahlen


Evaluation of Eyelid Pigmentation and Udder Traits in Hereford Cross Cattle pdf 711KB

Lauren L. Hulsman Hanna and David Riley


Evaluation of Methods to Measure Temperament in Cattle and Their Impacts on Predictions of Genetic Merit pdf 469KB

Lauren L. Hulsman Hanna, Carl Dahlen, Michael Gonda, Gota Morota, Xin Sun, Sarah Wagner, David Riley and Haipeng Yu


Central Grasslands Research Extension Center Herd Performance from 2012 to 2017 pdf 654KB

Carl Dahlen


Using Prescribed Fire and Rotational Grazing to Create Heterogeneity in Grazing Patterns and Assess Plant Community Changes on Kentucky Bluegrass-invaded Mixed-grass Prairie  pdf 762KB

Ryan Limb, Kevin Sedivec, Michael Hamel, and Erin Gaugler






























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