Central Grasslands REC, Streeter


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2017 Annual Report

Complete Report pdf 11MB


OverviewFront Cover - 2017

Summary of the Year and Weather pdf 332KB

Staff and Advisory Board pdf 2.3MB



Strategies for Supplementing Cattle Grazing Corn Residue pdf 2.0MB

Michael Undi and Stephanie Becker


Supplementation of Beef Cows Bale Grazing Grass Hay in Winter pdf 1.6MB

Michael Undi, Jessalyn Bachler, Kevin Sedivec and Stephanie Becker


Performance of Beef Cows Managed in two Overwintering Environments pdf 1.1MB 

Michael Undi, Jessalyn Bachler, Kevin Sedivec and Stephanie Becker


Bale Grazing in South-central North Dakota: Herbage Production, Forage Quality and Soil Health pdf 1.1MB

Fara Brummer, Kevin Sedivec, Mary Berg, Chris Augustin, Penny Nester, Sheldon Gerhardt, Jackie Buckley, Ashley Stegeman and Dennis Whitted


Impacts of Kentucky Bluegrass Invasion on Soil Hydrological Properties in the Northern Great Plains pdf 1.9MB

Leslie Gerhard and Caley Gasch


Mixed-grass Vegetation Response to Grazing Management in Kentucky Bluegrass-invaded Pastures pdf 1.5MB

Megan Dornbusch and Ryan Limb


Spatial Heterogeneity in Forage Quality, Quantity and Vegetation Structure Determines Where Cattle Graze in Patch-burned Rangeland pdf 1.0MB

Micayla Lakey and Devan McGranahan


Manipulating Western Snowberry with Prescribed Burning to Promote Livestock Grazing pdf 2.3MB

Haley Johnson, Ryan Limb, Marc Bauer and Kevin Sedivec


Butterfly Community Response to Cattle Management Strategies pdf 1.9MB

Brooke Karasch and Torre Hovick


Avian Nest Survival in a Patch-burn Grazing System pdf 2.4MB

Cameron Duquette and Torre Hovick


Breeding Bird Community Composition in a Patch-burn Grazing System pdf 1.3MB 

Cameron Duquette and Torre Hovick


Utilizing an Electronic Feeder to Measure Mineral Intake, Feeding Behavior and Growth Performance of Cow-calf Pairs Grazing Native Range pdf 654KB 

Kacie McCarthy, Michael Undi and Carl Dahlen


Creep Feeder Appearance Pre-weaning, and Calf Intake, Gain and Feed Efficiency Post-weaning pdf 626KB

K.L. McCarthy, L.G. Sitorski, K.C. Swanson, S.R. Underdahl, T.C. Gilbery, K.K. Sedivec, B.W. Neville and C.R. Dahlen


Evaluation of Methods to Measure Temperament in Cattle: Impacts on Predictions of Genetic Merit pdf 842KB

Lauren L. Hulsman Hanna, Carl Dahlen, Michael Gonda, Gota Morota, Xin Sun, Sarah Wagner and David Riley






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