Central Grasslands REC, Streeter


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2012 Annual Report: Table of Contents


Full version  pdf. 2.5 MB    2012 Cover with cows, researchers, and field day attendees.



Weather for the 2011-2012 Crop Year  pdf. 280KB

     M.R. Danzl


Soil Water Profile - 2012  pdf. 398KB

     B.D. Patton


Effects of Natural Service and Artificial Insemination Breeding Systems on Pregnancy Characteristics and Weaning Weights (2012)  pdf. 611KB

     P.L. Steichen, C.R. Dahlen and B.W. Neville


Effects of Artificial Insemination and Natural Service Breeding Systems on Steer Progeny Backgrounding Performance (2012)  pdf. 1.2MB

     P.L. Steichen, M.R. Schook, C.S. Schauer, B.W. Neville and C.R. Dahlen


Effects of Self-limiting Dried Distillers Grains With Solubles Supplementation on Growth Performance of Grazing Heifers (2012)  pdf. 412KB

     Q.P. Larson, R.J. Maddock, P.L. Steichen, K.K. Karges and B.W. Neville


Effects of Supplemental Distillers Dried Grains With Solubles on Carcass Characteristics and Meat Quality of Grazing Heifers (2012)  pdf. 252KB

     Q.P. Larson, A.N. Lepper-Blilie, R.J. Maddock, K.K Karges and B.W. Neville


Screening and Evaluation of Perennial Legumes in the Missouri Coteau Region of North Dakota (2012)  pdf. 645KB

      G. Wang and M.R. Danzl


Biomass Yield of Perennial Forage Species for Bioenergy in North Dakota (2012)  pdf. 415

     G. Wang, P.E. Nyren, Q. Xue, E. Aberle, E. Eriksmoen, M. Halverson, G. Bradbury, M. Liebig, K. Nichols and A.C. Nyren


Early Intensive Grazing Research in the Missouri Coteau Region of North Dakota (2012)  pdf. 995KB

     B.D. Patton, B.W. Neville and A.C. Nyren


Long-term Grazing Intensity Research in the Missouri Coteau Region of North Dakota (2012)  pdf. 882KB     Expanded web version

     B.D. Patton and A.C. Nyren


Photosynthetic Capacity of 26 Dominant Plant Species of the Mixed-grass Prairie (2012)  pdf. 456KB

     X. Dong, J.E. Patton and L. Gu


Plant Fine-root Decomposition in Relation to Biomass Quality in a Mixed-grass Prairie Under Cattle Grazing (2012)  pdf. 384KB

     X. Dong and B.D. Patton





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